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Minecraft – Nether Update Reveal MineCon 2019 [HD 1080P]

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Nether Update Reveal MineCon 2019 of Minecraft.
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xSoporific says:

So akward lmao, but now we here

Youtube McLarryFace says:

*Watching soul sand valley*. Me: well this is awkward

ShardOfKingdoms says:

“It’s still gonna be a late game thing.”

laughs in dream

Drew says:

…these three are so awkward.

That one guy says:

Nether update gets announced Cave update: am I a joke to you?

buttlescutt says:

Pigland beast = warthog?

A Person With A Stock Image says:

I needed blue wood or hyphae

myth says:

How can you even call that blue forest a part of the nether

myth says:

This changes minecraft forever in a way not many people would like

Elaine Reilly says:

😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 o my god the nether update give me it please please please please please

welysson José says:

Spaw is mobs 👍👍👍

✔ khalidMc says:


Troppy says:

everyone gangsta till the heavens update is here

Troppy says:

the 1.18 update is gonna be The end update,

BobThePancake says:


marilene santos says:


Vinny Latoria says:

Doom fans be like.

Jaybert Cuenca says:

I think this update is inspired by the fallen kingdom music video.

Stair Worse Studios says:

Even though Bedrock is supposed to be the "main" version of the game, it gets the least attention.

Sandy Resendiz says:

Why is everyone so awkward

Press Kevin To Continue says:

They should've shown a cool trailer in the beginning

Bheng Sayo says:

The new respawn anchor block that you can respawn into the nether

Bheng Sayo says:

And the biomes are soul sand valley,crimson forest,warped forest

Bheng Sayo says:

The new mob is piglins

cookie_smiles fuck_bitch says:

I dont have new mob in Minecraft in ps4 );

Zero Craft says:

No No No No puede ser

Griffin Hagan says:

Everybody ever: cave update!!

Mojang: BEES AND NETHER!!!!!

Edyta Szymańska says:

Please add chain and put this in the nintendo switch and add every update in nintendo switch

Liamiee’s Life says:

Nether Update: Pig Dimension

josie golingab says:

Minecraft nether update.i already update it it was so cool

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