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Minecraft: Nether Update – Official Trailer

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The Nether update for Minecraft is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows 10, and more, as well as Java, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Are you ready to get to know the darker side of Minecraft?

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They are never going to realese it on ps3

Nicolas Duarte says:

Goodbye zombie pigmam 2010-2020

Nicolas Duarte says:

Goodbye zombie pigmam

DJ Ness says:

Nothing beats playing on PC. OG way of doing it.

Gipcia Gamer 2385 says:

Why does IGN steal Videos and trailers from games?

Nerd Time says:

The nether got really hard

drokhaviin says:

How alex just kisses the Netherite sword (0:57) is exactly how we all felt when we got the sword.

khalidMc says:

It's not yours

bboyg1 says:

Help me decide
Buy this for ps4 or pc? Don't care for mods but I do see the plus side

Pogo HD says:

I bet the reason why it took so long is just bc the trailer animation 😂

john Snow says:

Interesting update 🤔

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