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Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update in a Nutshell

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Please give 1 like for sad diamond boy.

20w06a (1.16) change-log: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-snapshot-20w06a

Slicedlime’s video: https://youtu.be/GUZqS7vjP3Q

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Minecraft’s Pokémon: Cobalt and Amethyst
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Michael Angelo Owen 1810011 says:

1 like for for sad diamond man xd

Labdhi Sharma says:

Diamond: Your better then me
Netherite: Yes!!
Diamond: but your nothing without me
Netherite: =_=
Maybe I'm not :'(

Vycka Spiritas says:

1 like = 1 frend to diamond man

Jacob Grady says:

Wher is happy neterite man

BAK Robert Johnston says:

How do you spawn sad diamond man

TheEngineer 8257 says:

Is the sad diamond man real?

ejoanis says:

Diamond man sad cause netherite is more better then him now diamond 2009-2019

Leslie Griffith says:

I used to rule the world

daniel setia says:

Wait wat i cant climb warped vines?? Very wrong

Gabe Esteppe says:

Make sad gold and iron man

kostas kostas says:

How can you summon him?

Stratdan says:

You can make vertical slabs without it being.. Transperany?

Kienan_Gamer117 says:

Is there a possible way or Addon to get a debug stick in Minecraft PE? Someone help me, us mobile gamers get no respect when it comes to mods 🙁

Tamimplayz MC says:

I want /locatebiome in Bedrock Edition.

Who wants too?

ITZ Moon gamingz says:

its have locate command at 1.14 too

Kyo super World says:

Sad diamond face? Sad diamond man!

Noah says:

It's the diamond Man Mod

Crux Star says:

Sad diamond man is my friend

Complicated Conflict says:

just use barriers they’re in game and also have the same effect

Jack D the cat says:

1.16: Crimson

Me: Is that Terraria I smell?

Tomoko Okamoto says:

You forgot the strider 🙁

Maddox Bngujo says:

The first one Was cursed

Heather Courtney says:

Does the sad diamond block looks like it’s from roblox just the face

sevencraft7 says:

"Hello, Zuzu"

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