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MIN MIN IS IN IN REACTION! Super Smash Bros Ultimate ARMS Fighter Reveal | JustJesss

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MIN MIN FOR THE WIN WIN!!! We love Twintelle but here’s my hype reaction to Min Min as our ARMS Fighter DLC in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Her moveset is looking pretty crazy! I hope she’s not broken or OP! We’ll find out for sure next week~ Make sure to let me know what you think about Min Min in the comments below!

Thanks so much for watching! *WI-FIVE* 👋💥

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Ayman’s Play date says:

I was not happy

Grungy Bunni says:

Nintendo: Sakurai, why do you have a PS4?
Sakurai (sweating): Uhh, "research".
Nintendo: Oh, Okay.

Carbon Roller Caco says:

"Next: Tails for Smash? Hmm? sips from pixel Tails glass "
O N M Y G O D – D A M N E D W A V E L E N G T H #Tails4Smash

Chris Tian says:

agree with Jesss! we need TAILS or SHADOW or METAL SONIC, basically MORE THAN ONE sonic character pleaseeeee!

ItzAdrian says:

Twintelle wouldn't work for a fighter to represent arms cuz she doesn't use her arms which thats the whole point

chief beef says:

Just because you wanted twintelle I will sub lol

Kyle Geldart says:

Ramen for the win!

twotonedearly says:

definitely gonna be checking out Min Min tomorrow. and I also wanna see Tails get into Smash. He'd make the most sense for a second Sonic character (outside Knuckles and Dr.Robotnik/Eggman)

Legio says:

Overreaction from beginning to the end. You re playing a role

Blazing Scorpiez says:


clampfan101 says:

This girl is adorable. 😊

TheGreenMachine987 says:

“Is that a statement?!? DEFUND!” Please don’t go there..

Jeremy Angelle says:

I am so excited for the new smash character 😍

Robin Hutchings says:

I want Crash Bandicoot for Smash Ultimate.

I.J .G.P says:

I'm here cause of the notification

kuyaweeds says:

Man I love the arms music

Anthony Reed says:

I'm genuinely sad about Twintelle too, she was on my wishlist since before Ultimate was released. But ill definitely give Min min a chance. You make an awesome point both would be awesome 😁 lol.

Ernesto Chacon says:

Hi Jesss,

I really enjoy your channel and your reaction to Min Min's reveal. I'm actually glad that Min Min is the Arms fighter revealed for DLC cause if you think about it she is one of Arms most popular characters (rivaling that of Twintelle) and won one of the Popular Character Polls and the 2nd Anniversary Party Crash Bash as the Development team drew artwork of her. Even she has a cute design.

Only 5 more DLC Smash fighters left.

WideMouth says:

Stopped watching after she yelled, “DEFUND.” I don’t support anarchists.

KidDrummer15 says:


KidDrummer15 says:

Yes Please Sakurai 3:10

Musomania27 says:

Shes always been my fav. For the win win. Also Sakurai flexing on us with h9w pretty his house is

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