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THE NEWEST SMASH ULTIMATE REVEAL IS HERE! Sakurai has revealed this morning that Min Min from ARMS will be joining the Smash roster next week! Hungrybox here reacts to the newest trailer and Nintendo direct, showcasing all of the hype new reveals! Stay tuned tomorrow for a full analysis!

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Enzo Joaquin B. SALDAÑA says:

HBox: Wait thats illegal that she has a somersault deflect kick

COMbine _gaming says:

First female rep right kazooie am I not a female

Sam D. says:

He says that Min Min is the first female DLC…

Gosh dangit, everyone forgets Kazooie. Just because everyone refers to the duo in Smash as "Banjo," she is literally being forgotten entirely. I'm starting to have a slight grudge against Banjo because of this.

Truck Kun says:

that upsmash reflector reaction it's music to my ears *insert fells good man meme face*

Rob. says:

Great, another character that runs away with the same moves like sonic

Zerica Brown says:

I also wanted twintale to go join smash

Bryan Yang says:

I love Hungrybox’s reaction when he saw Min Min’s reflector. Absolutely funny!

Bryan Yang says:

Looks like another Bayonetta repeat expect in a different way.

Bryan Yang says:

Little Mac part 2? I don’t think so.

matthew galer says:

Evidently he called it

matthew galer says:

Welp my ears are fucked

Sheemp Silva says:

Why are u celebrating for this waste?

Evander says:

comments on ramen

eduardo maldonado says:

Imagine if they had Naruto or kakashi in smash

MalWave says:

not gonna lie, I think my reaction to Vault Boy was louder than Min Min but……this direct was awesome all around 😀

Cookie Snugglez says:

I may have not wanted min min but at least we got an arms rep in the game

jaythedstyr says:

Her Kungfu too good!😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

mental health柿崎芽実 says:


Hetty_ says:

you're a little overdramatic

Dietchapstick says:

"how is puff gonna beat that" idk prolly easily lmao
"Long grab range!!!!!" its about the same as samus's grab range…

Glip Glop says:

HungryBox: “iF ShE HaS a GrAPpLE i’M qUItTiNG”

Min Min: Haha spring arm go yoink

TheHumbleFellow says:

Min Min: "我要結束這個男人的整個職業生涯。"

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