Migos – Avalanche (Official Video) | REACTION

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We’re on the road to 200k!!!! Share this channel with everyone you know! In this video we reacted to Migos – Avalanche (Official Video) as you guys requested. What are y’all thoughts on this video? If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up and share it. See y’all on the next video!! Byeeee✌🏾

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Jason Prime says:

ReRe is a L she doesn’t have a reaction

Emmony Brown says:

rere* perfectly fine she just trying to listen closely to the words, u can tell focused 😂😂

Gowild RJ says:

Can y’all react to Royal Rumble by lil yatchy today please please

DannDogg says:


Khaos Pilot says:

Quavo getting better at rapping

PeanutButterBB says:

6:41 Quoia’s face is exactlyyyy the face I made watching offset take off his shades😩👅👅

Kenyatta Davis says:

Rolling Stones WISHES they made that song that’s The Temptations

David Stewart says:

She said it’s The Rolling Stones' sample. What an idiot.

Roy McGhee says:

In an out in an out we be going, on 757 Boeing

SDG says:

What’s the point of doing a reaction video of a song if u not gon react just still like a mannequin 😂

Duncan Mbugua says:

That's dissappear mother watching her crazy children😂🤩

Twain Carey says:

couldnt undertsand a word of what was being said you talk over each other, and the sound is laughable.

IwouldBUY says:

Y’all are so Atlanta yo

Young Boy says:

It's like I entered the auction 😂😂😂 🔥

Lavonte Darby says:

Rolling stones .. Lol so young… Thats a old skool Detroit beat 😉

La Flare says:

LMFAOOOO best reactions

Lil Nell says:

Stop stopping the damn song

Nicholas Mitchell says:

She pause too DAMN MUCH😭😭 gotta hear the flow of the song lmao

Jones 2PhoneS says:

All these youngsters this and that just enjoy that beat being revolutionized

Autolycus Axxis says:

Y'all didn't peep that Nicki diss "Im liking her natural ass, no frauds"

Bobby Nelson says:

Migos showed out

Guwap Insane says:

They slide on any beat 🔥🔥🔥

Djscarecrows says:

Takeoff my favorite migo 🔥🔥🔥

Ania Johnson says:

“With a STICK come in peace(piece) Mandela”

Mpendulo Mahlangu says:

I love the chick with the red locks…her smile

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