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Michelle Got Into A Nasty HEAD ON Collision!

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We had a crazy week, with a few ups and a major down with Michelle getting into a serious accident. Check it out to see what happened or how she’s doing!
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Jeremy Brown says:

Hey Paul try 26 and 305 on that Miller

Doug Johnson says:

Thank the gov regulations and safety engineers that build modern vehicles.

Scrap Truck Dean Cincy says:

i drive big heavy cars and trucks. People watching movies on phones while driving. You don't want to try to ride out a head-on collision in a Smart Car or small KIA!

Bryan Orum says:

That was an ugly crash, glad she's ok. Makes you stop to think about what's important!

Appalachian_Restorations says:

The edits and text written goes by way too fast. Leave them on the screen just a touch longer so we can read it

Keith ONeill says:

Michelle so glad you are ok, I am sure your not ok, but heal well… take care of yourself

Daniel Jones says:

It’s good to see everybody got home safe

ElChafalote says:

That shit is totaled

itsyaboiReyy says:

everyone on Matt's channel never wears a seatbelt so hopefully this never happens to them

Bruce B Nielsen says:

Just to let you know, what you replaced in your shop is a Hoist not a Winch.

Zundfolge1432 says:

will this be fixed? Already know the Michelle is fixed with just a buff and polish, but what about the Michelle relocation unit?

Richard Coram says:

Glad everyone is good to go after such a bad crash. Distracted and impaired drivers kill a lot of people over the course of a year. You always have to watch out for them, because they will never watch out for you.

Sobering stats from the DOT- an average of 36,000 men women and kids ere killed in motor vehicle accidents each year. That's 12× times 😱as many of our military warriors that was killed ( 2,700 )in twenty years of war in Afghanistan..
Buckle up Buttercup!!

Adam W says:

1. SO glad Michelle is ok.
2. Every video I say “Paul is such a cool dad.”

Dan Vetor says:

So glad no one was killed.
Many drivers take risks with their life and everyone else's life driving while sleepy!
Glad Michelle is ok.

Danny Bowen says:

How do I get a fabric T-shirt

Joey Faulks says:

Hope everyone is ok

Dennis King says:

Sorry about the accident and I’m glad Michelle was hurt

J Woody says:

Thanfullky the Vehicle took 99% of the force enstead of your wife, Seats Belt Save Lives!! Best of wishes and glad yall are safe. Stuff can be replaced, people cant. BTW if thats the 318 in the Dakota your in good shape, not a big Mopar guy but its a great engine, and not too bad on the MPGs if you dont have a lead foot.

AmsterdamHeavy says:

I could tell she was avoiding just from the damage at the beginning. Im really glad Michelle is ok.

Stan Tilton says:

So dang glad she wasn't hurt in that wreck. Someone's watching out for good people here. Great new truck, I can see a keeper there. Thanks for the video to the camera man, great job as usual.

MS says:

Not a bad looking truck, am more of a Chevy kind of guy but looks like a good buy.

MS says:

Glad to see your wife is ok. God is always looking out for the good people.

gibshredcamel says:

“Only has 33,000 on it.” Ya son that means it has 233,000.

George Harvey says:

I'm glad your all healthy and whole, I'm envious of your overall positive attitude. I will strive to match that.

Dottie Mccormick says:

blessed for sure

Chris Schultz says:

Good PSA. 3 teenagers in a car, in daylight and 1 falls asleep. I'd be more interested in their phone data during that time.

Biffa69 says:

Great to see Michelle is virtually unscathed thanks to seatbelts and air bags, still a shocking and emotional experience glad no one was seriously injured. I whole heartily agree with Michelle don't drive if your tired; it ain't worth it. ❤🙏

tom's outdoor adventures says:

Awesome buddy, thank God she is ok. Good lord was waching over her.

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