Marvel's Wolverine – Reveal Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2021

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Insomniac is developing a new Marvel game centered on Wolverine.

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Bond Gabond says:

Day 27: Enemies with weapons that can cancel your healing factor could be interesting.

adidas mercenary says:

If he isn't modeled to look like Hugh Jackman or Karl urban. I'm gonna be sad and disappointed

Adrian Polasky says:

Did milo just meow?

Bond Gabond says:

Day 25: If you make a Spanish dub for this game, don’t you dare call Wolverine « Lobezno ».

Adrian Recinos says:

Yeah, this is Marvel's Avengers YouTube

Negative Energy. says:

Is it remastered

Nikeedisto says:

This game better be rated M

Matthew says:

Wasted on a crap console

Sam Billy says:

My boy can't even have a nice fine glass of whiskey without getting in trouble

startmirca says:

What's with people bothering Wolverine when he's trying to get drunk?

Loop Scoop says:

Please be M

Siyanda Ngwane says:

POV: this game will release same year as GTA 6

Slappy Bag OG says:

X Men always has been and always will be my favourite Marvel franchise. The film's really fell off but back before the MCU they were lit. Wolverines Revenge on PS2 was fuego

Canadian Gamer101 says:

Here’s a big debate for this out of the two who do they cast?

Hugh Jackman
Steve Blum

ShoutsWillEcho1 says:

What song is this?

viiont eooiy says:

Trailer looks incredible, definitely giving this game a play through

BancF says:

This not beating origins

Gwynbleidd says:

0:30 Random thug: I'm gonna gut you like fish.
0:34 Logan: Alright bub. Let's get this over with.

bonjovi1984 says:


Itachi Uchiha says:

animation seems cheap

Shadow-Man says:

People say this isn't going to be open world. I'm fine with that but it could be kinda like days gone

bcvbb hyui says:

I'm glad Insomniac is making this one. One of my favourite marvel characters and it was time we got a new great game for wolverine. Lotta high hopes!!!

Saemour Saeless says:

imagine having one dude with knife hands wreck the entire bar, yourself included, and sit down unscathed for a drink, and after you've recovered, you pull a knife on him

Argyros Vivum says:

My question is ? Is he going to sport the heated adamantino claws ?

kjacob35 says:

The man at the bar just took you and your 3 buddies apart. Maybe you should let him drink and walk out with your life.

JC Delos Reyes says:

Insomniac Should make a Antman game it would be awesome like we can change sizes

soiung toiue says:

Logan: "what do you say bartender, want him in half or sliced like ham?" Bartender: shits his pants Logan: "damn it, it's the hat isn't it?"

Jay Joseph says:

Ik a lot of u guys know this but for the naive wolverine fans , this wolverine won’t look like hugh jackman



NuYear says:

Its not fair😞

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