Marvel's Spider-Man 2 – PlayStation Showcase 2021: Reveal Trailer | PS5

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the next game in PlayStation’s critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation for the PS5 console.



The Skullface SLAYER says:

I just beat Miles Morales chillllllll 😭

Sus remix says:

Honestly the guy sounds like craven the Hunter or morbius but I think it’s craven the Hunter and it looks sick and their new suits look cool especially the spider legs for Peter Parker

Rondi says:

Spider-man in Araknis costume

The_Real_JDC says:

But will Venom be PLAYABLE?

THAT is the question…

Karim¹⁴⁰⁰シ says:

Hello Peter.

Splotched says:

Not a fan of all the electric nonsense and metal arms.

أحمد الشمري says:

اتمنى ان يكون الخريطة فيها حياء واقعية بحيث يوجد مهمات انقاذ الناس عديدة ومفتوحه الى ابعد الحدود مثل الافلام او العاب GTA

SSJ NERO says:

The fact that venom is finally coming in to the game is awesome

GAME NATION665 says:

Dame this look

Samenoske says:

Insomniac just confirmed on Twitter this is not CGI it’s 100% running in real time on PS5.

ZakiDaBigMan says:

Is this a ps5 exclusive?

dead gamer says:

Is it also available for ps4?

Cat summit summer says:

The hottest game of 2023

Adrian says:

Did anyone notice they changed the description? It used to say "hopefully there's no carnage around the corner" so strap in boys.

Merhawi Keflezighi says:


Supraphysiological Algorithm says:

If Venom is not in the soundtrack I don’t want it

Drak3 says:

Can't wait

Poolside123 Canadian says:

This. Is. INCREDIBLE!!!!!😍😍😍


Gamer Fashe5 says:

imagine if you play with venom in this game too and they make a venom game

Mody Sosa says:

you have meen tobey maguired

Nexxusplayer says:

bue seria genial si tambien fuera para ps4 ps5 y pc

TrueArt7 says:

I'm getting really sick and tired of carnage and venom… THERE ARE LITERALLY DOZENS AND DOZENS of Marvel villains for Spiderman to go up against in the video game, but NO… LETS JUST GO WITH THE SAME symbiotic psychopath that people have weird, abnormal fetishes for folks…

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