Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Announcement Trailer

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Darkness Falls. Rise Up! Marvel’s Midnight Suns Launches Worldwide in March 2022 from Firaxis Games

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Bruh Moment says:

Is this gonna be a RPG game?

Godzilla Gang says:

Ghost rider is the only one they need if their going against a demon lol

Footage Catchers says:

Bro half of this game budget went into dungeon & Dragons and the creation of this trailer this will not be satisfying to the players I mean the cutscenes would but the gameplay that's a no no sorry you should have made it too a marvel avengers platform game

Crysiz 5280 says:

Ayooo that's my baby Daniela Villarreal singing the metallica cover 🤤🤤

Dalton Grimwood says:

This trailer gave me chills but I'm not a fan of turn based combat games.

Tushar Tudu says:

Whose taht girl from that tomb

When ya hot ya hot says:

Ghost rider looks awful, why is he a robot? But the gameb be looks pretty fun and interesting.

Cunning Smile says:

Doctor Strange, Wiccan and Ghost Rider wake the Child of Lilith to defeat Mother of Demons, who has been woken by HYDRA

Bohannon says:

You can tell Disney made them throw the avengers in there makes no sense why they in this kind of game unless they were in this story in the comics and daredevil and punisher need to be in this

Bohannon says:

Goodbye to the sad disgrace avengers project not that I even play it anymore
Finally the game we've all been waiting for way to go devs good job on this one

Oso Martinez says:

Definitely digging the edgy Numetal vibes this gives off.

Paolo Guerrero says:

Finally! Showing love to the X-MEN!

Kovac theSaggy says:

Hazbin Hotel episode 2 looks pretty great boys.

Gato Negro says:

Doctor Strange's weird groan at 0:32 and how underanimated it is (no facial expression, no shudder, nothing, just "…sanctificeturnomentuum — EUUUGH!") never stops being funny.

L1Wolftactix YT says:

Got my Boyz Wolverine and Blade looking Pimp-justified lmaooo

Reboot WW says:

Idc what the gameplay is like I can't wait to play this game

Mousedig says:

robbie looks so good

Ashley Mckoy says:

I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN SUCH A LONG TIME ROBBY REYES OMG!!! Robby is my FAVORITE version of Ghost Rider and I'm so hyped!

sasven Vasan says:

massive improvement ghost rider and even more stronger

sasven Vasan says:

ghost rider:god of justice

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