Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy – Trailer 1 (OFFICIAL)

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Get your first look at the spacefaring adventure in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” coming to theaters August 1!

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Chaz Bell says:

This trailer has so much that wasn't in the final film it's wild.

A Nerd Entertainer says:

This is one of the best MCU movies

Me here says:

This trailer is my only hope for Eternals.
I have a feeling what I had felt 5 years ago when I watched this trailer…. But GOTG rocked! So, I'm gonna root for Marvel

Christian Chandra says:

THIS IS 7 YEARS AGO?? I still remember when i go to cinema alone, bcs none of my friend interested in this "unknown movie".. i don't blame them, i only watched this movie because it's Marvel and the casts are well known, to see how weird the characters like i was very unfamiliar with variative humanoid aliens in mcu, talking tree? talking raccoon? even i didn't know that big purple bud was the mad titan.. turns out this movie became one of the best and memorable MCU Movies for me.. the choreographies, the songs..

Martin Iñigo says:

Best Marvel Movie.

rocket raccon says:

Eu adoro guardiões da galáxia e meu filme preferido

Guilherme Palma says:

whos here after tiktok?

Scamaz says:

This is probably my favourite MCu movie next to Infinity war. I went to see this with my brother at the movies when it came out and i am so glad we chose this movie instead of "Let's be cops". I didn't have the highest expectations but oh man it was a blast, the humour, action and dialog is hilarioous.

Ritwik Batra says:

Legends watching the trailer in 2021

After exile says:

Me coming after 5 years

Tarun Raj says:

This movie changed the MCU and even DC . Fuckin legendary….best Superhero movie ever….!!!!

BennyBoJames says:

One of the best teasers of all time.

Emo Otaku says:

They should've kept the scene at 1:52 lol

Hugh Morris says:

The 'I didn't know how this machine worked' joke didn't really land for me in the trailer. I thought he was talking about the 'machine' that was analyzing his stats and censoring his bird, and apologizing for setting off the censor. I didn't understand the joke until it was uncensored in the film, and it was clear that he was talking about his bird.

The Ryan Reynolds Fan says:


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