Marvel Midnight Suns – Reveal Trailer | gamescom 2021

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Earth’s mightiest heroes unite with a brand new hero, The Hunter, to defeat the mother of demons, Lilith in a new tactics RPG in the Marvel universe from Firaxis Games. Marvel Midnight Suns releases in March 2022.

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Corey Martin says:

Oh goodie, another Wahman power game from marvel.

Corey Martin says:

Is that Gambit at 1:16?

If so that's rare for him to be in a modern marvel game.

Francis Therrien says:

No thanks. And to think there is no new X-Com for oversimplified marvel kids game

Daniel says:

Well this looks crap.

Pete Kay says:

Looks terrible

Travis Curbelo says:

1:57 wheres doctor strange and who's all the way on the left

Brnzgaming 🎮 says:

Mate sent me this but idk

Rodrigo Andrés says:

Will they be playing basketball too?

Kharlan says:

This game is going to be Dead on Arrival.

Jesse L says:

games looks cool but they butchered Sandman

Yayo The Jowen says:

We've really come so far in the gaming industry that most of us know when trailers are going to look better than the actual game lmao.

bmk vonny says:

Free roam pls??

Xande says:

Looks like shiat brah. Tf!


Ghost Rider looks lame af…

Julian Mungarro says:

Why does Disney love the female half shaved head so much ?

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