Maroon 5 (feat. Travis Scott & Big Boi) | Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

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Adam Levine and Maroon 5 perform at the Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show featuring Travis Scott and Big Boi. The New England Patriots battle the Los Angeles Rams during Super Bowl LIII.

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hybrid crayzirr says:

When you realize someone you never heard of (big boi) was the best

StarHeals says:

Why does this video have 985k dislikes and 184k likes??

Zavier Childress says:

Bru people hate this song huh

Mr. Batman says:

Solo entre a dejar mi dislike

Princess Young says:

If anybody should’ve been in Atlanta, it should’ve been Usher or Ciara.

Daniel Lopez says:

the superbowl’s mistake in 2019 was choosing men to carry the show, we all know ladies can do it better, that’s just a fact

Toufik says:

Omg this is a mess lmaooo

Priscilla Newton says:

This kind of show in the summit of a world destroy by capitalism it have to be prohibited. This is a real crap.

Marty says:

Lemme go watch Katy Perry's halftime show to re-affirm my faith in humanity

Salvador Mora (Student) says:

Can you guys tell me why this sucked so I can put a dislike?

Dr LaššeLeif says:

OMG this was extremely bad!

Caitlyn Ali says:

He should’ve sung payphone 🤡

riridogman says:

I love Maroon 5, but Adam Levine sang like the Minecraft disc 11 sounds

Camila Montalvan says:

Just came for jenna marbles AtLanTa

Lucero Gilardoni says:

Solo le doy like por Travis Scott cantando Sicko Mode

Aarav Mahajan says:

Yeah….okay…this is the worst,
But why y'all hating on THE WEEKND's performance? It wasn't the best,sure(nobody can beat Prince, MJ)…but it was certainly a top 10.

Itz _ RLeeDeadpool says:

Why are people waving there hands like they like the song? How is this possible?

Neoxy Vibes says:

Maroon 5 rocking those Travis Aj1, getting some respect

Potatologist says:

This man was a judge on The Voice? This performance sounded like drunken kareoke night to me.

Hugh Jazz says:

This sounds like a cult

diego traipe says:

igual quiero comentarios en español

Jaxson Bender says:

Let’s be honest the best part was big boi the rest was complete cheeks

Disguised says:

I was only here for spongebob.

Vortex says:

I think Maroon 5 was good, not TS and BB. But Maroon 5 was good in my opinion

Supercut Of Us says:

That's what you get after you come for Gaga. Enjoy the karma! 😜

Giovanni Valencia says:

1/10 there wasn’t enough spongebob

Temptations On YT says:

I like Travis Scott and all but it felt like his mic wasn’t even working man

Victor Filimonov says:

Why did 985k dislike

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