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Makeup Tips: Look HOT for your First Date!

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Here’s the rest of the scoop on this look:

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Viviána says:

Marlena's natural lips.

Ragul suresh says:

My obese friend managed to make the most beautiful pole dancer there is in my town fall in love with him as he cheated by using the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I’d been excited for him but I wish a gorgeous person would fall for me like that. I’m extremely envious. Does that make me a bad individual?

Erin S says:

she looks like juliet simms

Erin S says:

she looks like juliet simms

Mila says:

she looks like meghanlovesmakeup

jean p says:

very cute! whatever happened to Paige? i dont see her in videos anymore 🙁 i miss her hair tutorials

Diana Corona says:

What if I would like for a more natural look?

noshititskrae says:

@iloveemaad disagree. real him in.

purrysha says:

I like this but I think it's too much makeup for the FIRST date. I mean you should natural for the first date so the doesn't get shocked when he sees without you makeup lol

MLdiiaz says:

I'm in love with this look! 😀

principessab1 says:

Hi Marlena, can you make a tutorial on the products you are wearing in this look, and how to do it… it looks so good on you, and natural but with a subttle shine that I love!!!! Please can you do that? I also like a lot the makeup on your best 10 foundations ever!!!!

coco620 says:

hi marlena,
can you do a make up tutorial for people without double eyelids? i don't have that define of a crease nor double eyelid so im always having trouble on how to apply eyeshadow. thanks 🙂

MLdiiaz says:

She's so beautiful. <3

knobylob jones says:

@aintheladytomesswith no prob

Luna Cortés says:

@knobylob oooh! thank you =)

knobylob jones says:

@aintheladytomesswith harsh means hard, blunt, bad

knobylob jones says:

i love this

Luna Cortés says:

Cool video! It's a cute look 🙂

PS: Could somebody tell me what does "harsh" mean? Spanish is my first language so I don't understand that 🙁

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