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Major iPhone 12 & iPhone 13 Leaks! iOS 13.5.1, 13.5.5 Beta 1 & iOS 14!

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Huge iPhone 12, iPhone 13 & iOS 14 Leaks! iOS 13.5.1 & iOS 13.5.5 beta 1 updates released. iPhone 13 to have 64MP, ‘reverse zoom’, MagSafe, no notch & more Apple leaks.

Exclusive Apple Glasses Leaks!

Last iPhone 12 Spec Leaks

Phone Rebel Cases

(4x) iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway!
Winners to be selected on June 2nd

iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway (2x)
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iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway (1x)
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iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway (1x)
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New Twitter Leaker

Max Weinbach (AirPods Studio Leak)

Concept Creator (Quantum computer modeling)

Latest scenes inspiration (Apple_iDesigner)

Macotakara iPhone 12 CADs Video

Wallpapers Used (AR7)



“iPhone 11 pro entry” “done” why “ I would give to my grandpa because he still has the iPhone 8 and he is the best grandpa ever

yourasianchum says:

Viagra 11 entry

Why: pp is too soft

April Blue says:

iPhone 11 pro entry
Why: I'm always made fun of because of having a Samsung. I want to know what it's like to have an iPhone

YDT qeRo says:

iPhone 21 will be a camera with a built it screen

chae says:

is this legit?

Yugo Watanabe says:

Will the xr price drop when the iphone 12 comes out?

Anorkhil says:

so what your saying is , skip 12 wait for 13

Cosmin Trica says:

Man, nothing about apple WWDC? Are you ok? something happened? Where are you? I'm scared.

Charlie Pinkney says:

What’s good

jordan baller says:

Nothing about the new iPhones interest me. Seems like they’re really starting to run out of ideas. I had galaxy phones for a while but I got tired of android and I got an iPhone 8 because it was cheap, didn’t have the notch, had Touch ID and I hate the sliding bar home button. If there was an iPhone that was full screen, Touch ID imbedded in the screen and an option to have a virtual home button instead of the slide bar, I would be interested.

Brittany Daniels says:

Lol I love my Apple 🍎 products that of which I can afford 😂😂but I am not kidding by the time the iPhone 16 comes out anyone who has trypophobia might not be able to use iPhones any longer 🥺🥺. Clearly I hope that isn’t true and they don’t add more cameras because I have suffered from that for years and years!

Brittany Daniels says:

Do you know anyway possible to put a note 📝 on the screen like you do with galaxy note and galaxys20 and many more android devices. I have downloaded so many but it is more like a sticky note or a reminder kinda thing. Any app you know of that could give us iOS user’s that option? Thank you 😊

Moritz 1058 says:

"iPhone 11 Pro entry"
Why: I want to give a new phone to my mom

Bhargav Negandhi says:

How and where does he announce the winners for the giveaway?

Sebastian Munera says:

Apple got sued

Mr burrbab says:

“iPhone 11 Pro give entry”
Why: I’ve just broken my iPhone 4s that I’ve had since new and need a phone😳

thejuul bro says:

“iPhone 11 Pro entry”

Why: I really need a phone right now

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