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macOS 11 and iOS 14 Hands-On Review!

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Apple announced iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and macOS 11 Big Sur at WWDC. Snazzy Labs explains what this will mean and gives a hands-on walkthrough.

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In its annual WWDC conference, Apple did things a little differently: a pre-recorded Nintendo Direct style broadcast unveiling the all new iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and macOS Big Sur. iOS 14 widgets were announced, an App Library (thanks Android) was implemented for the first time since 2007, and a bevy of other features like AirPods Pro surround sound, iPadOS scribble handwriting OCR gestures, and more made their way in. Most impressively though, Apple ended Mac OS X and released macOS 11.0 Big Sur. Not only does this update bring the biggest visual upgrades (if you can call it that…) since Mavericks released in 2013, but it brings with it the announcement that the Mac will be moving to ARM. We’ll talk about what Apple Silicon ARM Macs mean, when you’ll be able to get one, the transitionary period, how things will work, and more.


Snazzy Labs says:

Hey! We accidentally lobbed off some audio at 15:08 and there's a bit of a nonsensical transition. Here's the missing audio! "The first ARM Mac is a Mac mini but it’s not one you (or I, for that matter) will actually be able to buy; it’s a developer transition kit and not at all dissimilar from something like a next-gen console dev kit. Apple shipped a Mac Pro with a PC motherboard inside to developers when they announced the switch to Intel."

Victor Van Natter says:

I loved your airpods pro video. Please show how the new audio works if it does

Milan V says:

"big sewer" lol wut

Sonal Punchihewa says:

So my Macbook Air wont last in the future 🙁

Tom Lewis says:

I booed!😏🙃

XNXX 8ball says:

IOS creaMPIE 69

ssonicmail says:

wow, apple, it's 2020, finally there with ios, more like android, still a long way to go

Rodrigo Concha Flores says:

this is miles ahead in terms of quality of content compared to other mainstream youtubers (*coughs* Marques and co). well done man

Be Tu says:

10:54 It's el capitan, not mavericks

NeedForSpeed2004 says:

OS X users are gonna start to feel like OS 9 users lol


Planning on buying a MacBook Pro because I'm in desperate need of one for college. So I wondered, what are the chances the Intel Macs will get the same amount life that they would if Apple wasn't transitioning to new processors? It would be nice to get a new Mac right now and not miss out after only 2-4 years of use on major macOS updates because many will buy a Mac and expect to use that for many years without needing to upgrade.

TEST RAM says:

never used one/and after this never will chears lol

fmlazar says:

Or possibly the end of that two year period means the end of high end Macintosh.

Alex Angelov says:

There is no ability for devs to create watch faces! Waiting 7 years for it, is not enough, we are not ready for it, I think we should wait at least 3 years more!

Cordura oscura says:

I agree with your design dislikes exactly! The no contrast and the menu bar being completely transparent are the worst.

Randy Becker says:

Interesting commentary but one thing: it isn't pronounced, "Big Sooer" but rather, "Big Sir" like the region of California of the same name…

bamdadkhan says:

snazzy, i hope you'll be getting into the bootloader security features and the possibility of running unsigned (by apple) code on the new 'arm' (apple silicon) macs.

literally i sighed a sigh of relief when i saw the video from apple explaining that you will be able to disable most of the lockdown with csrutil – but we're not fully out of the woods yet.

Didar Farage says:

this video is very good normaly i need to get my information from diffrent sources, but you summerized it all into one video :), thank you very much i cant imagine how much work this was.

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