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LYRICPRANK ON HOOD COUSIN😱🚔/ nba youngboy – death enclaimed💔(Funniest Plot twist)😂😂😈Must WATCH

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Daveo says:

I’m you really fwm!! Subscribe to this channel I promise u won’t b disappointed 💙. We blowing all 2020❗️https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6eTh6nQRP764OnkfuCDEg

4everonlywolf says:

Here b4 65k

KForKinidi says:

and then I had my 10 million dollars until you said that last message abt his breath😂😂 .

elston collins says:

he said "i die today and imma leave son somewhere in my rolls (yea) somewhere in the wheelies and a big home (yea)"

Getmoney_richboy _J says:

We’re my 10m

Strxd says:

Yo daveo sub

Ace Dave says:

Daveo you funny af <3

Kai'sProductions says:

Here b4 100k yessir

Dekevious Randolph says:

Hot Cheetos Nd ice cream

Chynaa Givens says:

😂😂😂Lmaoo Ik what he saying I’m from Louisiana 😂 dhis shi funny ash doe

baby_fazo03 says:

nigga 😂 ii laughed when he said bet y’all gone laugh

TravisBenIsrael says:

Broooo nobody caught that!?!??😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️ “ in case he asked me I tell em everything done under the sun” that doesn’t even make sense he said “ecclesiastes”…. its a verse in the bible “everything done under the sun. That shit was so funny…😭💆🏽 2:33

ORC says:

Didn’t laugh tho

Zion’s YT says:

I like fufu

Life as Nae says:

Run me my money I did not laugh

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