Looping 1 Pallet All Game – Dead by Daylight

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Looping 1 Pallet All Game – Dead by Daylight

In today’s video we are going to be looping 1 pallet for a really long time, hope you all enjoy!

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/naymeti

Join our discord – https://discord.gg/uJ3SG3ucHT

Previous video: https://youtu.be/-FYneI0ur1o

My perks are pink by installing a custom icon pack which is available on PC, the pack I use is the pink galaxy pack

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Danilool_ says:

how do you see pallets that way?

quinzel says:

can anyone pls tell me what perks he's using?

Marcel says:

no dub you are a great player but that was just super dumb from the killer

ELFanatic says:

You know how to youtube man. Clear explanations of everything you're doing. Solid stuff.

Angieeeeeee says:

Your like one of the only Dbd youtubers I can watch from start to finish 💗 idk it’s how explain everything makes me wanna keep watching

Smegul14 says:

Relax a smidge bit more man i can feel your not 100% comfy with the audio in the vid and i subbed man great content 👌

Irving Flecha says:

10:40 you know that troll is mad mad lol

Waddely says:

That ds 100% missed but the game took pity😭😭

Professor Dwarf says:

XD when I saw round 2 come up I busted out laughing.

Dante the khajiit says:

Dang bro you a master at looping

Phoenix Gaming says:

I just found your channel and it’s very odd but you sound so much like Sam from SWTORCentral. It’s uncanny.
Amazing video, I’m still learning how to mindgame killers on pallets. Your tips help. 🙂

Joshua Schmidinger says:

You are a looping master bro 😎👌 the secret to looping is not worrying if you have to die, it buys time for your team to heal or pop gens…if they are smart. Love you giving props to good actions 😎👏 enjoy your content and like others said helps me to understand more about When and when not to drop(the distance)I played dbd almost all day today, it was great and no cheaters were on today lagging up the game with mods 👏

Nicky says:

God I hate bubbas like that.

Tonic Demon420 says:

They should add Chucky!!

Vicious Kell says:

my man said he likes playing vs a leatherface lol two guys got camped and he had noed which helped him get you so yeah LF is trash played by trash

Kevin Sweeney says:

I gotta be honest you helped my looping so much, when you talk about "we can get a full loop here and use that window as well before we need to drop the pallet" like there's so many times I hust straight drop em


Scary stuff

Jessica Williams says:

It’s kinda funny how all the killers who didn’t know how to end/leave chase were the ones who camped with NOED. It’s almost like NOED is a perk used by killers who are aware they’re pretty bad.

Dylan Ebersold says:

Do you stream?

Tanner Miller says:

What survivor is he using?

Ranger FC says:

The ending was the best I have seen for a long time !

Silver Leaves says:

Honestly this game will be shit 🙂

Dimitar Shatarov says:

Ur skills are amazing bro💙

MadResonanceX says:

Naymeti, you should have a go at combining Self Care with Bite the Bullet. I mean the zero noise is nice but now you can heal while in chase efficiently cause you only lose 1% progression when you miss a skill check.

AussieJoker says:

How do u change ur hud

Wikali says:

Bro I straight up love your content keep it up 🙂 I love your voice your accent your gameplay and your laugh 😌

LordVader says:

Really bad play in the end.

BrandonR6 says:

So all game = 3 gens?

Also wtf is Blight doing..? His specialty is literally breaking pallets and catching up

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