LOONA 이달의 소녀 ‘&1’ Trailer REACTION!

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✨ Ahhhhhhhh! Peep my heavy breathing in the beginning hahahah im so excited!!

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loonaexo 288 says:

do u see the trailer &2?

Lunarift says:

i was just gonna watch this to support ur channel bc i saw it was small but youre actually adorable! subscribed

Greatest ORBIT says:

In some Korean press says it's hip hop Bollywood sound but some don't believe it since Weeekly's After School also described as Reggae Trap sound before it was released so… maybe not idk 🙄

OrbitOnceAround says:

Knowing Loona they are gonna throw us a reverse uno card and give us a uppity summer song like Umpah Umpah

M. Eduarda Cardoso says:

Aaaa you seems so nice, one more subscribe! And yess!! I'm feeling such a dark vibe, but I think PTT will be a mix of dance summer and just a little dark concept that we will all love, of course! (btw i'm not very fluent in english, sorry if anything sounds strange) see ya~

Go Won's Healthy Scalp says:

Im gagged btw

민둥빈둥 says:

It's nice to see Loona reaction YouTubers rarely 😄 I'm sorry I'm not good at English. I am Korean.

Fat Cat13 says:


milkflavoured says:

PS; that trailer gave me chills!!
!!! How the logo and & come in at the end right after the date intrigues me!

milkflavoured says:

I swear LOONA’s intro card is the best in the game. Right up there with the classic Big Hit droplet.

Marley Linkous says:

Their new intro card is so cool! 🤩 And yeah, I get the feeling that this is gonna have a darker vibe!

wan. says:


Arthur Rodrigues says:


Cody Stark says:

I love how the Earth is orbiting the moon instead the other way around because in So What they say, Don't Accept the fate of the Moon. So the moon is the center. They control the earth. The moon are the center. They control everything around them.

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