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LIVE #IStandWithBubba — Talladega NASCAR Post Race Review (Blaney, Noon, Package talk)

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No practice, new package, 200 MPH pack racing… what could go wrong?

#NASCAR #BubbaWallace #Talladega


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MyMrMoon sub for free hugs! says:


Callme Wheels says:

How many “Un-subscribe” did this video earn you!? You lost me after watching you rant all this PC Crap.

hermankatnip says:

1:10:40 So naive to believe you arent being manipulated by a leftist political agenda. And please apoligise for suggesting anyone who doubted credibility of story was racist.

Jay Benton says:

Apologise please. Thanks.

hermankatnip says:

This video hasnt aged well. virtue signalling and selective outrage on social media , so hot right now.

Richard Goller says:


Jordy L says:

David, you're a chump

Jordy L says:

Race baiter juicy Bubba smolliet

ReturnTrip says:

David Land, you are a fool and your credibility is gone along with Bubba's.

FattyMcButterPants says:

You are a race traitor

willi wass says:

FBI says its hanging there since OCt 19 and was(because its now removed)a Garage door pull!Stupid Bubba!Seems someone played the Victim card!I liked him because of his representation of a minority and his character!but this changed after i saw his real thinking wearing "that" shirt and having BLM on his car!And now the Idiots(Nascar and the Teams) support BLM too!And banning the Flag is another nail in the Coffin of NASCAR!

Ryan 14R says:

This bubba Wallace crap is bull crap. He ain’t black so don’t treat him special

ryno ling says:

Nice obscenity laced over reaction a couple days ago you king douche.

distalmarginalridge says:

I await the apology video for the terriorism accusations

REL says:

Well, well well. Once again another bullshit story of racism. Who'd a thunk.

MKGunnells2 says:

There is a reason why you wait until an investigation is over before you jump to a conclusion. This was a hoax and, per the FBI investigation, the garage pull has been like that since last fall. Someone wanted some free publicity. Hence Jesse Smollett 2.0. Egg, meet face…

Brayden Weaver says:

Y'all see the Hodge Twins take on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S5OH2vhRXs&list=WL&index=2&t=0s Pretty logical. A lot of you guys are jumping to conclusions like a bunch of morons.

Steve Smith says:

Well this didn't age well. 21 hours later and it turns out to be a garage door pull. LOL The supply of actual racism in this country is so low that people have to make stuff up. Sad.

PJ Almighty says:

Hey David…Don't count your chickens (and overreact like NASCAR did) until you have all the facts: https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1275562132013223938

"NASCAR Statement: Bubba Wallace was not the target of a hate crime. Photographs confirm the 'noose' was a garage door pull rope"

Jer Watson says:

Maybe you should do a 5 min summary video about the package and the finish etc

mattbaker87 says:

Well that escalated quickly. Glad it was just a misunderstood garage door pull chord.

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