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Link To New iOS 14 Beta Video & Download Links

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NEW 2020 How To Install iOS 14 Beta Profile & iPadOS 14 Beta https://youtu.be/LICTatiUoe0

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DinoZambas2 says:

NEW 2020 How To Install iOS 14 Beta Profile & iPadOS 14 Beta https://youtu.be/LICTatiUoe0

Ayana Jones says:

I need a link for ios 8 ( I have an iPhone 4s)

connor gaming76 says:

You can't do it on iPhone 4

Paul Altamirano says:

What is page?

Juan Salgado says:

Where's the links ?

Joshua Maulion says:

will it remove my data?

Alyaa Shalaby says:

Will it restart you're phone

agry karimi says:

bro now i have ios 7.1.2 and my 5s has jailbroken ,,,,now i want update but i cant,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, help tnx

GiwF90 says:

Can somebody help me with ios 7.1.2 ? I want to unban my self from gameloft but UDIDFAKER doesent working

PatrickStar says:

Does this work? The download is 33 min .-.

muhd ameerudeen says:

I have an Iphone 4… Can i update it using ur way?

Googie says:

work for iphone 4g ?

EGE Master Backup says:

Is that putting your device into DFU mode or Recovery mode.

Rainey Lok says:

does it works for iphone 4??

notserpify says:

So i hate the beta and i have 5.8 gb free space on my phone but when ever i try to download 8 it says i dont have space. Do i need to go back to 7 to get 8?

Sergalicious says:

Do you need SIM card to update?

Timothy Crisman says:

Great Video, covered alot man

Jared Chamney says:

1 more question will I reseive the update when it gets released after installing beta?

joshua pang says:

hey, every time i try to update my iPhone 5 to iOS 8, i keep getting the error about the firmware not being compatible. I use a macbook, have the latest iTunes version, was aon the phone homescreen, and downloaded the right ipsw file from the given website. Please help me if you know how to solve this problem. Thanks. I didn't have this problem when installing the iOS 7 software when i followed your older videos

Brian Josie says:

 got stuck 3 quarters down the download line on my iPhone, then a pop came up saying unknown error and froze .. rebooted it (holding down power and home key) now i have a red iTunes label on my iPhone 5s, its restoring it back to the latest software.. anyone have any suggestions?

J F says:

if im jailbroken and my I pad mini is on the ios 7.0.2, and I want to upgrade to ios 8, what should I do first?

NillaBeatSamples says:

This may seem stupid but If I update it will it disconnect my phone from sprint

Jared Chamney says:

I downloaded IOS 8 but Now my Battery wont charge as fast. It dies in the process of charging. any ideas?

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