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Lindsey Stirling – Underground Acoustic

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400 subscribers now !!! it’s great!!!

Thank you all for your support!!! This month’s video was already covered, but seeing that we reached 400 subscribers could not let this moment pass without uploading a video as a thank you, stay tuned because in a few weeks we will continue with the plan to play each song on Artemis’s album

I hoped enjoy this Underground acoustic song, personally I love the melody of the Lindsey’s songs in acoustic versions…

1. Underground ✓
2. Artemis
3. Til the Light Goes Out
4. Between Twilight
5. Foreverglow
6. Love Goes On and On (feat. Amy Lee)
7. Masquerade
8. Sleepwalking
9. Darkside
10. The Upside ✓
11. Guardian 1/2
12. Aurora
13. Torch Bringer
14. Embers

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Jade The dragon lady says:

I'm going to be playing the violin and when I do I plan on learning how to play some of her songs. She has inspired me to play the violin and more! Love u Stirling!💖♥️💖♥️💖

Arthur Lanziloti says:

OMG… This is better than the original one

sigmund schroth says:

she plays the violin so great, I hope one day I could play it like her 😢

Zombeegun says:

she is such a cutie

wolo says:

OMG that guy chewing gum, pls stop!

Alayna Casinger says:

Thankyou so much for posting this! I'm trying to learn this song and I am playing it acoustic on my violin so it helps to hear it played the way I am trying to play it! Lindsey Stirling is amazing!

Chase Seyfer says:

She looks angry 😂

melanie 1303 says:

I love her so much!!!

Johnny Ros says:

So freakin' adorable.

Artem.V says:

Yaaay that's cool.

CanD Ame Chibi says:

This is the first time I've seen Lindsey play Underground live! I love it 😍

lobowupp says:

First . I like it

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