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Lindsey Stirling IG Livestream with fans after Between Twilight

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Lindsey’s IG Livestream with Fans after the premiere of Between Twilight.

00:00 Livestream before the video premiere
05:55 Livestream after the video premiere
10:23 Chat with little_miss_stirlingite
14:28 Chat with z.r.626
21:35 Chat with chloeperherin
24:39 Final words from Lindsey


mkfreak22 says:

Sorry I have to say this. 🙁 But from now on I will add a transparent watermark in random pattern to every video that I recorded myself. If you copy my video please give credit or record it yourself. Thank you.

ZainR says:

I'm continuously grateful for having had this moment with Lindsey. I'm so glad we could talk and i could make her smile and even laugh a little and uplift her with my story 🧡

Vlad inemir says:

Thanks for sharing. I missed it.

Cindy Salami says:

What is app

Chanice Whittaker says:

Thank you so so much for posting it and I’m so happy I could save it. What an HONOUR it was to video chat Queen and I will always be grateful to have her in my life!! 👑✨

Stirlingite Hangout says:

Hello! I remember seeing you in the live chat! Nice video! 💖😄😁

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