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Lindsey Stirling – Between Twilight Reaction

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Leigh Saunderson says:

Of all her tracks, it's hard to pick a favourite, before listening to this when the album release, I was torn between Crystallise (aren't we all..) , and Shadows, and Ascendance.. I waited for the album midnight release, listened, got to track 4, and …..just …stunned. Don't know how many times I've listened to it since then (hint: a lot) , but everytime, it still floors me. Cannot wait to see the video for it.

Mike McGraw says:

Mesmerizing. 🤗🤗🤗

Tara McWiggan says:

This one made me get emotional too. Was driving back home on a dark, rainy night the first time I listened to it but that change at 2:20 still gets me every time. Actual tears

Eric Murud says:

Hope for new video soon ^^' fortunaly, Lindsey Stirling work hard for a lot of people can talk about, and share, when is so interesting. Ty

Rebecca Joyner says:

It gave me all the Celtic Vibes! Mountains, Greenery, Forests….

Cereal For Me says:

This could totally fit a mute animation, with that scene you imagined of the mother and child. I love it

Kirsten Salomons says:

With this song I imagine a forest in the winter, completely white and peaceful. I see many small young animals like bunnies and birds all living together peacefully and in harmony. Deninitely my favorite song of the album after Love goes on and on 🖤

Pearls & Journeys says:

IIt activates that feeling just after sunset, where everything starts to turn into a place of magic and slows down in the day to rest to greet the Moon.

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