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Lindsey Stirling – Between Twilight _🇨🇲 REACTION

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Never seen such before whattttt!! I am literally screaming right now!!!😱😱😱😱👌🙌🙏🔥


Val A. says:

Loved this!!!🥰🥰

Edgar Villalobos says:

Lindsey stirling es la mejor y cuando la escuchas en vivo tu alma vibra al escuchar su música
Saludos desde México Monterrey Nuevo león

ravenfae420 says:

Her music brings me much joy as well!!!

Iwona Zawadzka says:

If you don't know who is Derek Hough you don't know amazing and beautiful cheography and DWTS and dancing and World of Dance. Learn before reacting who is in the video and who they are because this is disapponyment on your end with not knowing the best dancer in this world.

M. Clark says:

Also came her since Lindsey shared your video. She is amazing! I have seen her 3 times and met her twice in her meet and greet. She is amazing and so down to earth! Check out her other videos you will fall in love!

Heide Leskun says:

LOVE your reactions, I still feel that way hearing her each time whether it's new or old. "It’s not about being seen by millions it’s about making a difference to one person. " She makes that difference.

Melanie Avery Easthope says:

LindseyStirling brought me here.

Jupiter_Guardian says:

If you like Lindsey Stirling so much, you should watch Shatter Me and then Lost Girls!

Philip Lewis says:

I do not know who you are or anything about you but seeing the joy you are sharing is wonderful. Next maybrewatch "Underground" also by Lindsey.

Naah Haan says:

Hello, Friend. This is just about the way I felt when I first saw this video. One of her best yet! I'm here because of Lindsey Love!

yisus kraun says:

Vine a tu canal porque Lindsey publicó tu vídeo en Facebook. ¡Suscrito!

OAKIE9531 says:

and she sings too

rmcbeigh says:

I came here because Lindsey Stirling shared this video. Thank you for making this video and helping her to see that her art is Amazing no matter how many people see it.

Jupiter_Guardian says:

Your reaction made me so happy! Thanks for doing this!

Nfor Jules says:

The Lindsey Stirling effect.

Linda Ackerman says:

She is from the United States and if you ever get the chance to see her live…do it! She's incredible to see

misscrackwood says:

Lindsey herself brought me here and I loved your reaction ^^ Have a great day sir and never loose your great energy! 🙂

Adeana Sczerba says:

Lindsey brought me here! If you liked that one you should check out the rest of her stuff! Would love to see your reaction to Crystalize, I Wonder as I Wander, and Master of Tides!

Ana Trevino says:

Loved watching your Beautiful and Joyful Spirit viewing Between Twilight ✨✨💖  
I love how Lindsey spreads joy 🌸

Adrian Noll says:

You sir just made your life a bit richer by getting to know Lindsey. She's such a great person and artist. I already visited 3 of her concerts, would definitely recommend it to you!

Trevor Dennett-Thorpe says:

Lindsey Stirling is fantastic. I travelled from Nottingham, UK to Tilburg, The Netherlands to see her live. It was amazing.

Daryl Adams says:

I saw Lindsey Sterling live at SeaWorld last year, such an amazing talent!

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