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Lindsey Stirling Artemis Tour Frankfurt Between Twilight

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Lindsey Stirling Artemis Tour Frankfurt 12.09.2019 Jahrhunderthalle Recorded with a Panasonic DMC-TZ81 Live Concert


Cindy Salami says:

i whish lidsey stirling comme to laval place bell

Daevyd Jae says:

I was so moved by this song. There has never been an artist before who invokes such deep emotions within me.
Now I so want to see her live all the more. I wish I could go back in time and see every show, as I have seen none so far; I started following her even before Crystallize so it hurts a lot when I can't see a show. 😭

Daevyd Jae says:

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for posting.

Marko Schnecker says:

Wunder schön von ihr wow .

Ann Kathrin R. Granhus says:

so beautiful 🙂 !

Alicia Rose says:

<3 :'( beautiful!

Leigh Saunderson says:

It will be my 1st time seeing her live, and out of all her songs, this is the one I'm most looking forward to hearing/seeing live. Even, dare I say it, above Crystallize . ! (if she plays Shadows (I can hope !) then I have a tough decision..)

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