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Lindsey Stirling – Artemis – Come Practice With Me!

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Hey guys! In honor of the release of Lindsey’s latest album I wanted to get a video out of one of the new songs, however the backing tracks haven’t been released yet. So I figured I’d try something a little bit different. I downloaded the Artemis sheet music today and this is my first day playing it! Come play along with me 🙂

Let me know if you like these types of videos since I haven’t done one like this before. And remember…this is just practice! 😀

Sheet music downloaded from https://lindseystirlingsheetmusic.com

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Let’s all have a great week!


Aaron Gibson says:

what model is your violin

Alyssa Mohr says:

I just found this and am getting a violin Monday. I cant wait to watch more videos and learn myself. ❤🎻

Erick Crazier says:

Aurora from Lindsey Stirling pls

Jf L says:

Just start to lear violon because of this song.. Loll..as a player do you see the note on the violon scale wise?.. I play guitar.. Not sure were to stars other than the 4 note that your tune in… Thx.. Love your vid.. 😎🤘

LaserArt says:

Awesome !!!
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└📁 Lindsey Stirling 🎻
└📁 Mirage,Artemis,Darkside,Sleepwalking
Check out the laser shows I made to her songs !!!

Josué Penz says:

OMG SOO GOOOD i love that violin because is the violin thah lindsey use in her shows but it is in 1600 Dolars F

Marleen Jamers says:

🤗👏 Well done 😁💝💐😉

Stephon says:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAASE make a tutorial for underground by lindsey stirling pleaaase!

Violinistories says:

You play really well!

Bruna Araújo says:

Perfect ❤❤👑🎻

Sophia Shiliagova says:

Jackie Kay can you watch my cover video Toxic by Britney Spears and writing comment.

Johnny Ros says:

I love how you know the chorus of this song.

Johnny Ros says:

Very impressive.

Kelly L Davis says:

Go ahead sister! You got it.🎻🔥🎻🔥🎻🔥

Cynthia Bihary says:

Sweety! I love it so much, also all your comments and your super chilling outfit! <3 please more! 🖤😍 #teamjackie 🎶

Giorgio Conedera says:

i want to try!!! :,) nice video Jackie!!! big like 22!!!

Layla Summernights says:

Yes!! I would love to see the same video for Underground, it's such a beautiful song but kinda hard in some parts

BrianNC81 says:

Great job! Can this be played just knowing 1st and 3rd position?

{ĴÖĴÖ} says:

Amazing 👍👍👍👍👍❤👏👏👏🎻

{ĴÖĴÖ} says:

Good love 🎻🎼🎶💕❤😭😭😭😱😱

G LH says:

Great videos and can't wait for more content!!

Mariya Goncharova says:

The game is disgusting, too many antics. First learn to play the violin, not to torture a musical instrument, and then move and talk in the frame

Sky Sapphire says:

So awesome please do more videos like this you're so funny 😂

TheEye3698 says:

She makes this sound so flawless…yet when I try…sounds like a dying donkey…

Aatala says:

What does Lindsey sing at 1:33 ? I’ve never been able to figure it out haha

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