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Lil Durk – What Happened To Virgil Ft. Gunna (Official Audio)

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7220, the new album from Lil Durk. Available now:

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IssaLifeStyle52 says:

Who or what is the Virgil he referring too?

Malosi Mahelona says:

Learn to survive walk around with the Choppa.

Noturboyjosh says:

“Found the solution and got some more problems”

oatzuka says:


jose rodriguez says:

He died of cancer that's whappend hes DEAD R.I.P long gone sleepy time forever

Snowy says:

This song is good Sheesh!!!!!!!!!!!

night breaker says:

Is Virgil his brother D thang? I’m a old head so I don’t know all the guys….

Bo Ko says:

been screamin omg what happened to virgil for like 3 months

Armand says:


Kickin it with Kev Game Style says:

This shit is lit

The 5-Star Review says:

How hard did this song hit? I shed a tear for Virgil.

Zeke Mowad says:

Look up Lil Durk concert in New Castle, Pa on YouTube
It was CRAZY. OMG place was PACKED SOLID !!!

Zeke Mowad says:

Who the heck is Virgil ??
That's what I wanna know 😁

Matthew BYrd says:

So seriously yall what happen to Virgil? Someone please tell me

serf says:

They got me for my foams

Matthew BYrd says:

Lyrics sound like future wrote it.

RUN IT UP says:

Bitch my phone died what tf the gay voice saying and u pay for tickets bin got y’all fucked up

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