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Lil Durk – Petty Too Ft. Future (Official Video)

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7220, the new album from Lil Durk. Available now:

Shot by @JerryPHD

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Jyn Juse says:

Nigga this shit here is what the fuck you call a B.A.N.G.E.R hardest shit I've ever bumped

london cole says:

One of my favorite Durk songs as of right now. Those 808's are going crazy.

I can bet Durk never bought views from AUTHENTIC views

ronnie jackson says:

One of my favorite Durk songs as of right now. Those 808's are going crazy.

SMH seem like anyone can glow up these days.. Just with the site AUTHENTIC views but i can bet Durk never bought views from this site..

Celia Daisy says:

She aint for the earth she is for the fuck. – Future
and no homies i dont believe Lil Durk is using AUTHENTIC VIEWS DAWWT CAWWM to go viral just like other rappers doing. Thumbs up if you agree

Raiders Maka says:


Drbobizua Herbal home says:

I cure herpes naturally

Que Hardy says:

Durk is hands down the GOAT bruh shits on everyone everything n every track ain't no doubt he gots king von spirit wit em long live the king rip von

Kreizy99 says:

me nje gur kapa dy zog
po ja nuk po gezoj
tjeret flasin me njonen
thon qe ate e kom pas
sado kam kaluar them asnje nga kto une skam pas
nuk e di pse mendoj kshu mbase ngaq kam shume klas
shume i zen me lekun per tju dhen koh atyre
kur eshte koha nates ndoshta mund tu afrohem pran tyre

King Mitchell says:

This what Durk telling India these days.

ANew No says:

LOVE durk and future is the best on this song

Unapologetically Black says:

Im confused..isnt this like proof he been cheated on India.. like id be embarrasses af if ny fiance made a song like this. This generation and yall standards are very questionable. Durk clearly aint have no father or any home training growing up..both theses clowns is for the streetz I wouldnt want to marry non of the ugly dread head whores

Dallass says:

Thank you future for killing this

Vanessa Mohr says:

Dis the shit

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