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Lil Baby "The Bigger Picture" REACTION

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DJ Ghost Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOO-oHAvo4k

Ghost IG: https://www.instagram.com/djayghost/


Kam Brown says:

Lil baby is so underrated unlike drake

Champion tj Tj says:

You got a like and a new subscriber everyone go like and subscribe

Champion tj Tj says:

Bro not gone cap bro you got heart you gone talk what you need yo talk I like you

Davion Hall says:

I see what you saying ghost but when the troops and shit are told to fight citizens that want the right thing they not gone do it some will but will be out numbered

Faze_ bot michael says:

When I listen to this song makes me put a fist up

AskAboutJacob says:

Where Hollywood at ‼️🤣

Tfue says:

Ice? That’s for illegals lmao u dumb


Lil Baby is slowly becoming a legend!

TTv_7eaR says:

Shits Grimeyy

TTv_7eaR says:

I’m white and live thru this shi everyday and would Neva throw a stereotype baby said it best

ABG38 says:

im white and i have a lot black family so, "i be judgin by the mind and heart i’m not really into faces”

fuck Sippin says:

My dad is white and had corn rows and got shot by a cop for driving a Mercedes Benz and the cop thought he stole it

Marco Martinez says:

And tik tok

Marco Martinez says:

If the USA wanna drop a bomb in the usa soil then we should all protest

Jillian . says:

bro ima need u too react to we paid by lil baby & 42 dugg 🤝

Averick Barker says:

Mannn ghost ima white boy wid locks an tats an i live in tha country dont nobody look at me or treat me difrent cause the way i look💯

Clap 2k says:

|No Justice
|No peace

Rashard Brown says:

Lil baby put his soul into this song

Gello says:

My guy, black people make up names for white people all the time, and yall label us as racist. Most white are supporting black lives matter. Their are less racist than not

Viqqz says:

Im still wondering when is lil baby getting that Grammy. Also this is why i love ghost he real man really real

Miracleee DaDon says:

Umm what about Sandra bland ,breonna Taylor ,ect there’s plenty of black women who’ve died in the hands of police brutality this is why we scream ALLBLACKLIVES MATTER just for that comment just bc is doesn’t get as much new coverage as if it was a black man doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen

Jonathan Hernandez says:

This is best song by far 💯

Lefika Jeremiah says:

J. Cole – snow on the bluff

IDontGet Smacked says:

People are making it as a big deal OK yea everyone get its a cop kills a black person but think of it as a white person mexican person or asin being killed it don't make a difference but ik where he's coming from but like I said think of it an other racist

Almightyyscooby says:

Talk yo shit bro 🤷🏾‍♂️

Brayden Kerski says:

I also think another factor people don’t talk about much is the way people are treated in Prison. It’s supposed to be a rehabilitation place, not a zoo of cages.

Justin Jackson says:

Nah bro burning down shit isn’t the right way to go. All this does is make them hate us even more. It’s not fair that burning down Innocent businesses of people who just want to make a honest living. Also you can’t forget that our people also work in those businesses not just white people own things. Also the people that have to repair all the damages that you made it’s not fair to the essential workers and black people work and do that as well.

Dawson Hill says:

imma start this off and say im white im not racist by any means just like baby said i dont judge people by how they look i jude by the way they act and their mindset

21 Aurelio 21 says:

Why is in his mouth blue🤔

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