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Lil Baby – The Bigger Picture REACTION!!!

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My reaction to Lil Baby – The Bigger Picture (Audio)

Full ORIGINAL video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szJJEFxyrX8


Snordatdude says:

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Emmett Brown says:

React to snow on the bluff by j cole


i have a confederate flag but listen to only rap music also look the american flag was flown under the confederacy and the union so if the confederate flag is racist then the american flag would be racist.

David Ortega says:

React to ebk cyraq I’m finna shoot you ft lil loaded

Jose Nunez says:

Your mad funny don’t stop doing YouTube invest in it go global

MIchael Johnson says:

Somebody said are you bubble bass from SpongeBob 😂💀💀

seth drvar says:

wtf he mean i skip over you talking like if you don’t wanna listen to him talk
go to the video bro 💀

Chance Gammon says:

I swear bruh everybody is jus now listening to the song thug cry by soldier Kidd I’ve been listening to that shii

Brett Boatright says:


Mal says:

Wait u were 14 or 15 as a sophomore in high school bro damn 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Michelle Theresa says:

This shit is priceless. If he taught history I would have payed more attention 😂😂

Finn Lecky says:

Talked through the best bars 😂😂😂

King Drip says:

"Da crackheads crackin" I ain't never heard dat b4 n I'm from da hood frl

Jahlil Habersham says:

flow 5 is annoying asf

Jahlil Habersham says:

People keep on

Mason Kessler says:

And btw hold those people as individuals accountable. You don't judge a race on 1 persons decision making.

Mason Kessler says:

In order for black lives to matter all lives have to matter. I go and fight for you. 75th ranger regiment🇺🇸 you people are so clueless. We been at war in the middle east for 20 years. After 9/11 your people the american people are scared. Then guys like me and my guys have to go and fight for this country our flag and the people who make her up. Stop crying. My guys are dying everyday in actual war to actual evil. Want your life to matter? Grab a rifle and come help us. Other than that sit at home and enjoy the freedom that the american military provides for you. And we dont want a pat on the back or anything we just want you to enjoy your life. Some of us are born to be doctors, nurses and lawyers then you have us the warfighterss. So stay out of our way and welll stay out of yours.

Gage Measamer says:

all love to you homie #BLM

Kam Charles says:

My mans said George Washington fse

Only Positive Vibes says:

why is that chat so toxic man, anyways nice reaction, much love and respect from Germany

Jonathon Taylor says:

God is good

Jonathon Taylor says:

Black life matters

Carlos Rivera says:

React to ebk cyraq

Gxnau- says:

Actually the north wanted to free the slaves to corrupt the souths economy so they had no materials for the war

igodnoskillz gang says:

Snore you gatta listen to meekz wont stop best video out trust

Lamonte Ingram says:

Lol so you like 20 21👀

Afg Razgul says:

I have too so many bulushit inside in my stomach.

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