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Lil Baby – The Bigger Picture – Music Video [REACTION]

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Watch our reaction to Lil Baby’s Official Video “The Bigger Picture”.
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Iceable says:

This is how many times they say “you feel me” in all their vids

BlissGod42 says:

8:50 covid still there, cases 3x in every state so the virus still there people just dumb af and thats why cases trippled. People really acting like the virus don't exist

Gloccskii Music says:

Covid fake asl I advice yall to not get the vaccine because they tryna put a chip in you stay safe

mulletstinkhack _YT says:

Because riots

mulletstinkhack _YT says:

I’m in a place where riots are common I only been out 5 times

issac 512 says:

If you read one of the signs it says someone got shot 76 times

Amadou Ndiaye says:

More rappers need to use their platform like this

Johni Gasasira says:

by the time he hit 40 he gotta be one of the greats

Clutch Exoticx says:

Beautiful message 🔥

John Draffin says:

Covid19 real yall crazy if you don't believe especially with it killing more black people than anything

angelica maycock says:

SDOT! thank you for catching the part when he said he dont wanna go too deep cause they'll get em. I felt that shit 1000%!

Mike Willbar says:

I'm in the ghetto parts of Flint and I'm white I listen to this song 24/7 even tho I'm not black I still get scared of the cops and start running they have guns if I stay there I don't know if I'm never gonna see my family again you know

Sir Michael Van Whervin says:

Look up lil boovie or rex life raj or zay bandz or lil Ben or trillyoungs helo

Berzerker DaBlooded says:

I been smokin some good shit but at first I thought he said “God it’s gon be a hundred man I fear🔥” still,Lil baby went spoke truth💯

King Braylock says:

The person that hit the dislike button is racist

Ae the goat says:

He said in the song what happened to covid makes no sense

ethan finau says:

2 weeks later…COVIDS BACK😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️ 40,000 cases

loflippaa YT says:

Legend stats

Darnell Gordon says:

Listen to Montana of 300- I can’t breathe

CEEF Music says:

Nice Reaction. This is a deep track. I had to do a Cover of it🙏🏽🎥

Lorenzso says:

musica foda

Britney Pollard says:

I Over love yall videos. 😭😩

JAY says:


ItzLag417 says:

Lil Baby spitting facts though.

Michael Carter says:

Lil is a real g from the hood

Shakinmydreads 23 says:

Y’all was talking some real shit @6:30 😂 y’all the goats !!!!!!!!

Leebrv007 says:

I feeeeel you 😂

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