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Lil Baby is CRYING FOR HELP, Here's Why…

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Lil Baby is CRYING FOR HELP, Here’s Why…
After the release of Lil Baby My Turn Album he became one of the biggest rappers in the music industry. On the “My Turn” album it featured many big songs such as “We Paid” & “The Bigger Picture” which are also two of Lil Baby’s favourite songs he’s ever created. His song Lil Baby x 42 Dugg – We Paid (Official Video) is by far his biggest song on his album “My Turn” as it went viral everywhere online aswell as giving Lil Baby his rise to fame. We Paid Lil Baby is on all Lil Baby playlist aswell as talked about in most Lil Baby interview as it’s the song that changed his rap career forever. Lil Baby gained lots of respect in the music industry after the release of his song Lil Baby – The Bigger Picture (Official Music Video) as he talked about many in real life issues going on in the world. In The Bigger Picture lyrics Lil Baby gave his true thoughts about the real world & the music industry. Due to his song The Bigger Picture Lil Baby is taking a break away from making new music.

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Olga Rial says:

Me justa sus canciones

john doe says:

Yall better start repenting and callin on JESUS …..The GREAT IAM is coming……stop idolizing this shizz

MunkI3Johnson says:

I thought I heard him claiming blood, what's that crip cake doing on the table

pinkalicious 320 says:

He no longer has control of his life….he traded it😈

Buttah Smith says:

I would be scared too

Mya Lee says:

They sell there soul for money sacrifice there own

Hanesha Tobias says:

Leave the baby alone right


They are jalouse of Lil Baby.


Lil Baby … let them talk its okay.

God is with you Lil baby.

RIP in to lil Baby best friend.


Arnold Jacques says:

“I ain’t going “-lil baby

msnat033 says:

Luv this dude!! And his rap game!

shanicebamz says:

But lil baby I having a rough life.

shanicebamz says:

Can I please win an iPhone 11 because my iPhone 6s home button broke and now I have to use it in an very annoying way

NvrChange 4SocialMedia says:

I like his music but once I heard him speak I was like damn smh it got to be the money. What female that's articulate could tolerate that on a regular. He almost sounded illiterate. Jayda don't need to be speaking properly cause it don't match with her attraction.

Regina Davenport says:

I know how you feel I lost my best friend and I never been the same

Regina Davenport says:

Send in Prayers to lil baby

Christiann Morris says:

in Jesus name he will bo ok…god has him…TALK ABOUT JUSTIN BEIBER LEAVE BABY ALONE..

mindset venom says:

The title is 🐂💩. He doesn't look like he's crying for help, you lying bastard!

Lady Dee Tarot says:

Love him but sacrifice time🤔

Pan_da #808 says:

He took the oath…👎 sacrifices are real

Emala Campbell says:

I smell a sacrifice



Knowledge Of Self says:

It’s not about being soft or sweet. Get you some security lil bro it’s about Survival! It’s sad no other class of music but hip hop and R&B seem to be in harms way from people that look like them. We have to do better as a people ,and stop being like crabs in a barrel!


Marlo was SACRIFICE.

Larene Graham says:

I'm too old to be a Lil Baby Fan but my Youngest son it's in his peers he's definitely a Lil Baby Fan I pray God protects him and all his loved ones Just wishing this young man the very Best.

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