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Lil Baby – All In (INSTRUMENTAL) Reprod. @Winiss Beats

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Instrumental Reprod. by WINISS 🎹⤵️
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Winiss Beats says:

No Samples No loops ! Enjoy

Swifty Combos says:

Can I use this

Ibrahim Oujamaa says:

Amazing One !
Ma3ndi mangoul 💪🔥🇲🇦

Kingsley says:

What plug ins did you use man the sounds are just amazing 🔥🔥🔥

xoTommyy says:

Can I use this brody just got my studio together & i'm looking for beats to use, My instagram is xotommyy 18.2k & twitter 58k

Thomasena Wilson says:

Remember all @lilbaby_1 song's come From Raheem @gwallamash too here Hey we can come up With another one LET'S GO, A all together WESTSIDE MIXTAPE;

P Up Next says:

Ima use this beat brodie

antoin butler says:

This the hardest one damn!!!! This bout better than the original lol🔥🔥🔥🔥

Trey Skates says:

Hey man is it cool if I use this for an edit?

Ken Corleone says:

Is This Instrument download 4 free

Asia Amiracle says:

Is this gon get copyrighted?

Giuseppe Staiano says:

sta gente finta finge pure
mi sembra una sfinge oppure
quelli che non san capire i sbattimenti e le paure
sbatti i denti perché é dura
ho sciroppo per la cura
un gran coro come in curva cucino come tempura
THC come carbura
100mila la fattura
100mila li sognavo mo appartamento e vettura
sono in giro molleggiato codein la mia andatura
capri sono l'isolano
drip viola non é uva
bitch vuole un halleyhoop
bitch vuole il kush
ho grammi come a scuola
ho bombe come Bush
Resta sotto le lenzuola non é un fatto di "i love u"
se parla quella persona dimmi cosa ne sai tu
se lo sai anche tu
perché non lo fai più
il mio Bro i g di droga sopra un Benz BMW
un flow fottuto come questi non lo trovi alla Conad
sai che capri é la mia zona non ho xan ne backwood
leggi nei miei testi non ho avuto un malore
vorrei farmene sedici e che scrivo veloce
se chiami dopo le 16 é l'orario migliore
quella merda non la compro da 16 vale 9
e ho una weed che fa fuori ai tuoi G's e non fa nomi il mio g lo sa benissimo qual'é la situazione
HB il mio tratto scrivevo col carbone
ora ho un altro contratto firmo con nome e cognome

Black ジョセフv2 says:

This instrumental gives me Good Vibes, if you see this comment I hope you succeed in whatever you're doing

Josh G says:

Every time I listen to the actual song I gotta come listen to this💯🔥

Ayee says:


Hunchø SG says:

What's the first melody ?

Verza Hacker says:

which instruments did you used ?

OTG Tev says:

What’s you IG ? I’m gonna use thisbbeat

Loron Ruffin says:


trent elam says:

What are the chords? Or at least the key of the song? I would like to try to do a cover/ rendition on acoustic guitar

King Brasi says:

Now this is the best one

Sion Superville says:

i ain’t been the same lately
it feel like i’m getting lazy
sleeping in the bed all day
do i wanna be the greatest
never gonna recognize the hardest nigga underrated
getting to impatient but i know i can’t quit
i say that all the time like i done took a round trip
i can’t wait till my big day even tho i can’t get lit
prolly just gone sit up on the game, and play that my career
but i’ll blessed to see 14 and hope to live another year
then live many mo
we gotta chase our dream , no hesitation , gotta go
i ain’t no hot head , i always know to be so cold
“get out yo feelings” that’s the only i’m always told
so i switched my flow
when i was younger never thought i’d be on youtube doing music
Upload by my self , write my lyrics that’s what i be doing
can’t run over me , you won’t have me out here looking stupid
stopped looking for love, why’d I keep tryna be mr.cupid
i ain’t holding back , like lil tjay i’ll be forever ruthless
gotta a passion for the game fr, so i’m gone keep pursuing
I treat my self just like king , don’t need a crown, i’ll still be ruling
who told you that i was losing
y’all ain’t never gonna fool me

Corona getting to every body head
Online classes everyday it got me so dead
feel like i ain’t going no where still ain’t make no bread
but i still do it anyways that’s just who i am

Ain’t no holding back
we gone get em back
if he ever turn his back
only spiting facts
when i hop on tracks
tryna be different but it all seem wack

Im all in and i always give my full effort
get in the hall of fame, and just be out here breaking records
with the big dawgs , playing chess , this ain’t no checkers
On a mission to succeed like i work for Lester

who ever sign me , they’ll be one that lucked up
Get over my mistakes , i’ll be the one buck up
i can’t hang wit you if you acting so stuck up
You better tuff up , yeah

Lotto Dinero says:

You think I can do a remix to this?

Datboy Yogi says:

Yeah Yu lost yo TOP foe

Califa Azul says:

You're bringing some fire!

Mo Yayo says:

nice remake bro

Bunny Cash says:

this beat is sick bro! like that vibes 🔥🔥🔥 definitely will hit sub and wait for more cooks

Monaim Elamraoui says:


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