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Lauren Spencer Smith – Fingers Crossed

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Music video by Lauren Spencer-Smith performing Fingers Crossed. © 2022 Lauren Spencer-Smith, under exclusive license to Island Records & Republic Records, divisions of UMG Recordings, Inc.



Nyall T Rolls says:

Fab song. oh what a voice!

Little Leonard says:

this is competing with Sunroof as the wоrst song to get big this year

Tyme-Bronte Bogott says:

“I don’t even miss you anymore” hit me in my soul. ❤

Lyvinia G says:

Such a good song I can’t get sick off it she kinda sounded like Olivia a little when I first heard it it’s such a great song ❤

NJ Srylyrics says:

I started hating the person I love the most I put evry single effort… Can't imagine he cheated on me saying I will never leave you.You meant to me alot while he's sleeping with other girls wow…. Late night wondering how could he do to me screaming n brushing out all my tears loving someone bad gravity…

Nicole Ollison says:

She is so beautiful 💕

Anika says:

I feel the pain in the song and relating to it. I can feel the heartbreak deep inside my heart.

I can't pick one lyric to write in this comment cus all the lyrics are so good and just like a vibe.

"i can say sorry but I'm not"
this lyric in the slow voice is just op, super, love it

thanks Lauren for speaking my feeling for me, and let me sing my heart out to my toxic breakup…

Audrey Frenette says:

She is a beautiful girl with 100% talent Keep up the good work with music!!!!!

C says:

Such a beautiful voice 🙂

CUCUR says:


nightly-storm says:

Love this song 🙏

Archie Hendricks says:

Ol fart likes her singing.
Insightful for such a young lady

Heavenly says:

This is the song that made me love her even more❤❤❤ your a QUEEN❤🥺🥰😍

Lisa Fraser says:

Love this just heard it in the supermarket Shazammed it and came here. Great song

LinkinParkRulz 227 says:

My younger brother committed suicide last weekend by overdosing on something. He was found with headphones on, presumably listening to something. This is his youtube account. He made a playlist containing 6 songs that was edited the day he passed. This is one of the 6 songs. With the method he used, he was dead after about 30 minutes, probably unconscious around 12 minutes. I like to think that it was peaceful for him with his music on. I love you Myles, I'll miss you everyday for the rest of my life.

Madalina Predusel says:


Jan Buitenkamp says:

You got beatiful a voice toppie

Jan Buitenkamp says:

Absolute perfect

Julie hermiz says:

Loves this tune, it reminds me of a Nate Ruess from Fun type of track ❤

Yodos Hsiao says:

Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing and one more time amazing. I want all the tears back that i cried.i dont think someone else can say any stronger words than these🥺🖤🖤🖤

Amparo Gonzalez says:

Hermosa voz, hermosa cancion….💖 💖 💖

Success Nwokocha says:

Nothing sounds original like an original song… Have been listening to FINGERS CROSSED by Anna Maynard. Thought she was the original artist.
I am glad I got to meet the Originals 💜❤️❤️

stacy7181 says:

This song gets better and better every time I hear it!

adie and brylee says:

you got maeryd

Vic IV says:

Kid named finger:

Calvinai' Scott says:

I feel like the last line is what really hits the hardest.. 😣😭

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