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L.A Noire – Cole vs Mrs. Black pt. 3 (The Driver's Seat)

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A final supplementary episode in the Cole vs Mrs. Black saga. Didn’t Mrs. Black kick the bucket in the previous episode, though? Well…. it looks like she got better.

0:00 – two previously unexplored variations of the door knocking glitch that was first shown in part 2. First off, here’s Cole examining a clue as Mrs. Black opens the door. Cole freezes in place for a second or two as his shadow becomes dark. Finally, when letting go of the clue the Mrs. Black intro cutscene begins as expected.

0:43 – another nice thing you can do is to game over as you begin watching the Mrs. Black intro cutscene. This causes a part of the cutscene to play inside the game over screen, but eventually time just stops and the cutscene never finishes.

Imagine… on this day Cole was found sabotaging the crime scene at the freight yard. Yet simultaneously, he was many miles away knocking on the door of the potential widower Mrs. Black. How will history explain this strange chronological hiccup? Maybe there was more than one Cole Phelps wandering around in the 40’s Los Angeles?

Choosing to continue shows an enigmatic still shot of Cole standing in t-pose above some abstract looking hills before the game continues like normal.

1:15 – an alternative way of fooling your partner to open the back door to the Black apartment. But it’s not easy to do, seems very finicky.

1:36 – I was testing various methods of keeping the Black apartment back door open while examining the matchbook when I got this interesting result.

Basically… it’s impossible to keep the back door open during this time. It just is. The game automatically closes the door for you, AND it also teleports your partner in a specific point in the house while you’re examining the matchbook. But if your partner is sitting in the car during this time, they take the whole car with them indoors.

Would be cool to quick travel away directly from inside the Black apartment, but the indoors is so cramped that you can’t enter inside the car at the moment. Too bad.

This “technique” works elsewhere in the game too to bring a car indoors. You just have to be mindful of how a crime scene works and what clues teleport your partner to a specific place. The bigger question is… how to make your sidekick stay inside the car while Cole is doing other things? It just happened as a fluke here.

2:27 – one question that was omitted in part 1 where Cole interrogates the bibliophilic Mrs. Black. It’s rare to see Cole do his work this well… maybe there is yet hope for him?

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