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Korra Meets the First Avatar

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Check out a clip from the upcoming Korra storyline where Korra meets Wan (voiced by The Walking Dead’s Steven Yuen), the first Avatar.


Sock Outlet says:

He was Number WAN!

The Lazy Boy says:

she was avatar number "WAN"

hector huskyz says:

Why dose korra think wan is Rava

rene villalon says:

Avatar Juan: my name is Juan, and I will show you how I became the first avatar.

Dini Cheese says:

First Avatar = Wan Second Avatar = Tu

Hinata -Chan says:

Wan more like Juan

Bruce Wayne says:

Seriously why do people like Wan? Is it because he's the first avatar?

Francis Karanja says:

Is it just me, or does every Avatar start off incompetent and then become amazing

Maxime Immerzeel says:

His girlfriend was called lavender and his nickname was won-wan, like if u get it.

alexis hayashi says:

wait a minute this is jet's voice actor!

Izuku Midorya says:

I thought his name was juan/huwan

Kyle Thaller says:

Wan looks like Mako.

Daniel Law says:

So freakin cool

BlockingTheSunOut says:

Trademark avatar crooked grin. Goota love it

mr. Stranger says:

Korra is the worst avatar

zasa ja says:

episode name pls

Nathan Navarro says:

Wait a second if he is Avatar the first one that means one thing he's very first avatar but the way how that all started is that he stole fire from the lion turtle so that considers him literally related to the Fire Nation so that means the avatar has a bond with the Fire Nation because he was the first avatar so that means after everyone had fire and the Sun Warrior civilization was made and then and then it goes back to present time where it comes to Cora and Cora is learning and then she sees this I think she thinks

_.Darkzz._ says:

It’s just me that realize that Wan looks like one and he’s the first avatar

Salty Sceptile says:

Why does He remind me of Aladdin

Andrew Purcell says:

Anime Aladdin.

Michael Liang says:

You could say he was avatar number wan

Rene dahrie says:

Where is syndey

ᗪ卂几-S̆̈ĕ̈n̆̈p̆̈ă̈ĭ̈ Y̥ͦT̥ͦ says:

Brothers of chu just got pooed

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