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Katara's Waterbending Evolution 💦❄️ | Avatar

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Katara had big snow boots to fill being the last remaining water bender in the Southern Tribe. However, it was only through leaving her tribe and exploring the Four Nations with Aang, Sokka, and Appa that she truly began to master her skills and go beyond the expectations of what it meant to be a waterbender!

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0:00 – Start
0:37 – Book One: Water
1:08 – The Power of Emotions
2:43 – Basic Training
3:28 – Teamwork Techniques
3:48 – Cloudbending
4:36 – Healing Hands
5:07 – Mentor Mayhem
7:16 – Extinguishing Zuko
8:08 – Book Two: Earth
8:16 – Problem Solving
8:43 – Aquatic Extensions
8:56 – Sinister Siblings
9:48 – Book Three: Fire
10:12 – Mudbending
10:23 – Sweat Assistance
10:50 – Water From Air
10:56 – Water From Plants
11:48 – Bloodbender
12:57 – Azula’s Arsenal

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Avatar: The Last Airbender says:

Is Katara the greatest waterbender of all time?

Joel Ju says:

BTW katara is a german name

Devin O'Neill says:

Yassss girl

King Mac says:


Zuko high pitched version 🤣

Leon Jones says:

What if the southern raiders never existed?

October Wed says:

After learning bloodbending does that mean she can already defeat the firelord alone

Brent Patrick Sta Maria says:

This is why I would love to be a waterbender, waterbending is strong and the Element of Change, yet Air is stronger

Lance Inaldo says:

Instead of bloodbending, why can't Katara just bend all the water out of the human body like what Hama did with the flowers?


katara is the super girl

zuko says:

oh she does not know if she likes that power

Cecilia Anamoo says:

Ahhhhhhw how I wish I could water bend
But I have a clue,our chakras. I'll open mine and see if I can waterbend

Nora Taylor says:

yes she is the best water bender Of all time

Da Plebs says:

Extinguishing Zuko:
I think at that moment Zuko was a little bit stronger. It was a lot colder in the battle area, and Zuko had a few injuries, but he still won. Yes, he had guidance from the Sun, but Katara had guidance from the moon, which makes that factor evenly tied.

Markii Smiles says:

You guys should do more videos like these!!!! Do team avatar!!

johnzyl bukid says:

Wait what? Azula is katara's sister?

Nazareno Guzmán says:

9:10 LOL

Booop de Boop says:

Blue fire is cold

シEmotionless Freak says:

If you think about it, Katara saved the whole world cause if it wasn’t for her to water bend and find Aang nothing would have happened.

XxxBlackout says:

Just to say Robin’s (Teen Titans) Voice actor is in avatar For some reason

Jaelyn Wright says:

Wait if katana could heal the horrible wounds doesn’t that means she could still heal Zuko eye ? Bc when she healed him you could hear the guy say “it brings healing and life” or something like that lol

Edward Kim says:

Wasn't the slush from the Drill in book 2 technically Mud, so she learned mud bending before book 3

iqra najib says:

my favourite anime is avatar its the best but im still watching it

waynet says:

8:23 theres a rule34 story for that

eyeless Jack says:

"or even biblically Parting the seas"

Kattara is moses confirmed

Tessa Bartolone says:

is it just me or does zuko look extra hot in the healing scene

Daulah Iftitah says:

If anything, I think the balance between the scene and the narrating voice is really great

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