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jxdn – angels & demons (slowed + reverb)

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i actually fw this hard

slowed + reverb by slerb

soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/slerbmusic

twitter: https://twitter.com/slerbmusic

feel free to email me any questions, comments or concerns: slerbmusic@gmail.com


Pamela Moreta says:

[Verse 1]

Two face, two face, yeah

Black, white, left, right, yeah

Up, down, all night, yeah

Can't escape it ever

wow, ur not a true fan if you dont know the full lyrics. shame on you

Khuê Hoàng Minh says:

if this is how the devil sounds like, i’d gladly go to hell

yvette says:

omg i love this.

capatory says:


Celia Aceves says:

Does anyone know where the video is from?

Mariangel Alvarado says:


Itzyogirlsaina says:

The ppl who disliked this were just jamming and clicked the wrong button by mistake

Lauryne M says:

I’m sorry but this version is sooooo much better like it hits too hard you hear everything

alexis says:

I'm honestly so proud of him. I'm proud to be at the start of his music career.💍🖤

Lily Smith says:

Can u do Dixie Damelio be happy I’ll be happy 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

kpop_is_life 729 says:

his voice got even deeper damn.

Ariadne Castillo says:

Lo ame❣️

Katya Logvinova says:

omg, this is INSANE😍😍😍

Lynn says:

I'm so sick of the nonsense

Marie Yoffou says:

I love this

Марія Гага says:

i am pregnant from this song

Paris gilbert says:

Nothing in the world can stop me now , no one the world can help me now


Paris gilbert says:

Woah this version😍🥰 … I don’t feel the sme on a trip no train

Addya Dwivedi says:

This song hits different at night with the lights off and in your own thoughts . Earphones in and full volume

juliane _trd says:

Omggg🥺🥺🥺🥺 love thatt

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