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jxdn – Angels & Demons (Clean Lyrics)

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jxdn – Angels & Demons (Clean)



Joel Sunny Violin says:

i did a violin cover of this song (if anyone wants to check it out) ✌🏽

Khuloud Hadjo says:

This collection 😍 is a good 👍 for me but it looks 👌

Isabella Cintron says:

Im listening next to my mom 😃

Candie Crawford says:

I love jaden sooooooo much like dude

LlamaSapphire Roblox!! says:

Omg I liked this give at 999 now it’s 1k

Lily Kinder says:


Samantha Baker says:

joyner lucas

Joan Iosefo says:

I like this because I Christian and if I cant listen to this I will be sad and also so my brother and mom because we want to watch this

Fatima Ala aldin says:

Omg this song is Awesome

laura dyer says:

My friend loves this song and she loves Jaden

Panthini Brahmbhatt says:

Now I can listen to this around my parents and not get grounded!! ❤

Aeralynn VenHuizen says:

Thx for making a clean cause my brother loves this but is to young to listen to things that sware

Tamara Ali says:

Who realised when he said rockstar rockstar it sounds like bryce Hall 😂😂

Caoimhe O Brien says:

I love it 😍🌈💖

XxCoconut_vibez says:

Guys, jaden made a clean version that replaces words on spotify! It sounds really good though

Weirdbutleahyt UwU says:

This is so helpful but Spotify needs it

Tink Macaroni says:

Great video

Maggie Raee says:

you will get so many views from me!! bc I listened to this 20 times on repeat!!! I love this song

Lisa Deakin says:

My son loves this song 🙈

Chelsea Walker says:

Jxdn is awesome. They need a clean version of this on the ITunes Store though

Savannah Britt says:

This is awesome thank you I really wanted a clean version so I can listen to it Around my mom 😂

Sophie Hammond says:

thanks so much 😌

lil Gamer says:

So good!!!!

Reem Al abdulmohsen says:

#jaydenhosler #freebrycehall Bryce is a good friend josh was Going to go in canndida but Bryce saved him what a good friend

ellie Keen says:

These r epic
I love them 💖💖💖

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