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jxdn – Angels & Demons (AUTOTUNE VS NO AUTOTUNE)

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jxdn – Angels & Demons (AUTOTUNE VS NO AUTOTUNE)


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Alycia Bronkhorst says:

Hes can sing i dont know what ypu talkin1g about

Sophia Moura says:

Jaden always does lives and sings, his voice is amazing with or without autotune

Nathylove14 perez says:

no bajes, hay puras personas hablando taka taka

trista martin says:

He sounds so good with Auto-Tune

Кристина Яковлева says:

I love this boy

Kathryn Powell says:

He lookeed tired and just not wanting to try he can still sing like an angel he was just tired and bored

Gabriella Luvera says:

He clearly doesn’t wanna be there lmao

America Sinahi Lopez Olivares says:

El comentario en español que estaban esperando

Lauren Schlund says:

Why they do that to him in the tik Tok now everyone thinks he doesn't actually know how to sing and he uses a lot of auto tune 🤦‍♀️ like no one actually heard him sing on his tik Tok before

slime milk says:

Там и там ахеренно поёт

no te importa says:

Encima ese día dijo que estaba malo de la garganta

quinty maassen says:

You can hear he has a cold

Ulyana Malashchenko says:

both are perfect

Genilly correia says:

Com o sem tá perfeito pra min

Lilya Nebbagui says:

Sinon cava dans sa vie

bulldog_21 french says:

Without sounds like his acoustic version

stephanie stanguine says:

brasileiros marquem presença

Megan Blake says:


මට බයයි මගේ මිතුරන් යැයි මා සිතූ ආත්මාර්ථකාමී අවජාතකයන්ගෙන් මා වට වී ඇතමම කියමිජේ අල්ලාගෙන සිටින අතින් මගේ නළලට පහර දී මගේ කොණ්ඩය පාහේ සකසා ගන්න මේක නම් භයානකයි

Jennifer Nguyen says:

Wait he low key kinda good

Роза Мгерян says:

Во первых: он и не старается как бы на первом видео
Во вторых: он охрененно поёт

Diana Baker says:

И чё, меня это особо не волнует

•chᴏᴋᴏʟᴀᴅka • says:

Нет, ну если честно он может лучше петь в живую,типо мне так кажется

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