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jxdn – Angels & Demons Acoustic (Behind The Scenes)

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behind the scenes for angels & demons acoustic

director: alex bordini (@alexbordini on instagram)

listen to angels & demons acoustic https://jxdn.lnk.to/adacoustic
listen to angels & demons https://jxdn.lnk.to/angelsdemons
new site https://jxdnmusic.com


RelapseRunner says:

cuz is asian

Janelle Villegas says:

Make merchandise

o a says:

Loveee youuuu talented

Marina Bouzaki says:

I love these song the video clip it’s just fire I am so proud of him 💖🔥

Spectrum says:

А где русские🗿

Roblox Chandler says:

I love the song xx

Celine Itani says:

If u are a fan of jaden like me like this comment

Nayomi Lomboy says:

Finally something not a music viddd

Noor Ali says:

U should be at a 1 million subs already

Hannah Grace says:

“jus kidding im small asf” thats not what mads duet said 👁👄👁

fatima and Cecilia santiago says:

You are talented
Like if you agree

Tia Davies says:

He’s amazing😍

Lina-Yasmine Habes says:

Me waiting for so what like : 👁👄👁


Jaden i love you

Vanitha Sayed says:


hannah ternet says:

This man is prob the most talented, mature and amazing person on tiktok! (sorry Charli and Addison) People do not take time and see what he works on other that tiktok. is music is great and from his heart. <3

X_Mokka_x says:


niduoe stre says:

Remember me when the whole world is listening to his music and just vibing to it

Theodora Korfiati says:

I love you jaden

Athena Theophanous says:

Me sitting here waiting for so what like:

Haley Frizzell says:

Bro so what needs to be hurry up and posted

Paxriis says:

who’s here waiting for so what?

Jennifer Baughman says:

Hey jaden u ok u been upset hey we’re here add me on snap and we can talk I here for u

Julia Summers says:

This is my sad song 🥺😭

Rachel Harris says:

literal chills 😌

Salvatore Roblox says:

AHHHH he🥵🥵

Charlotte Beggs says:

Y am I crying lmao

Tala Madi says:

Who’s here waiting for SO WHAT

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