*JESUS* HELPS ME WIN Fortnite Battle Royale

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praise be
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Matvey Kuznetsov says:

How did he shoot throw the wall

Max Eatherington says:

Hang on did he just shoot the default through the wall

Qurvy says:

Jesus definitely said prison cause he went to prison and u deserve it 🤣🤣

maritza fernandez says:

Best ending ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
2021 btw anyone

Cirilo Ramirez says:

Brooo I just realize he killed me in this video

general ulysses s grant says:

Jesus is amazing

Jake Voigt says:

I am Obi-Wan Kenobi

Diana Salmons says:

Lannan, I got adds on your video


Ok I’m Muslim but u shouldn’t mock Jesus

Uriel Luna says:

did i see that right he shot trough the builds?

FrozenGamer Rex19 says:

1:57 meanwhile In Heaven Jesus is Eating Pizza 🍕 whit Pineapples🍍on it.

FrozenGamer Rex19 says:

1:46 yep we did lol 🤣

Amrik Singh says:

wait a sec why did he leave a ROCKET LAUNCHER AND A SNIPER

William Munro says:

he's going to hell

Willie Wontee says:

he hit the guy thru the wall becuz his head was barly above the celling so it was like ther was no celling

Caleb Fraire says:

Dude I miss OG fortnite

32k Vibe says:

Already 24 people and its a minute in

H3ART REAP3R ⛏🖤 says:

Australia is basically second America.

Uhhh idk suck my big cock says:

3 years ago What you haker y3u sh0t t3e 5efal5 trou6h t3e fl00r jyfhjiuytfghi87ytghjuyh

Benjamin Jewell says:

You are the best YouTube

Eoin Cooke says:

Lazarbeam :this is the best edition to the game
Me: Jesus or stink bombs

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