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Jay Leno's Garage Appraises Tesla Roadster in a New Episode

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There is a new Tesla episode at Jay Leno’s garage in which Donald Osborne is appraising the Tesla Roadster. What do you think is the value of the 2010 Tesla Roadster? What do you think the Roadster will appraise for?

So, there is Jay Leno’s Garage Tesla Roadster Episode.

Tesla Motors Club Reports.

Tesla Motors Club Member AltPwr and his Electric Blue 2010 Tesla Roadster (VIN1094) had an exciting opportunity to appear on the CNBC show “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

The episode is set to air on CNBC at 7 p.m. PT July 8 (Wednesday) . A teaser for the episode was posted to Facebook.

Ahead of the episode, AltPwr was kind enough to write up some of his experience of what it’s like to roll your ride into Leno’s garage.

Check out the behind-the-scenes story he shared with Tesla Motors Club.

The Tesla Roadster is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) sports car, based on the Lotus Elise chassis, that was produced by the electric car firm Tesla Motors (now Tesla, Inc.) in California from 2008 to 2012. The Roadster was the first highway legal serial production all-electric car to use lithium-ion battery cells and the first production all-electric car to travel more than 320 kilometers (200 mi) per charge. It is also the first production car to be launched into orbit, carried by a Falcon Heavy rocket in a test flight on February 6, 2018.

Tesla sold about 2,450 Roadsters in over 30 countries, and most of the last Roadsters were sold in Europe and Asia during the fourth quarter of 2012. Tesla produced right-hand-drive Roadsters from early 2010. The Roadster qualified for government incentives in several nations.

According to the U.S. EPA, the Roadster can travel 393 kilometres (244 mi) on a single charge of its lithium-ion battery pack and can accelerate from 0 to 97 km/h (0 to 60 mph) in 3.7 or 3.9 seconds depending on the model. It has a top speed of 201 km/h (125 mph). The Roadster’s efficiency, as of September 2008, was reported as 120 MPGe (2.0 L/100 km). It uses 135 Wh/km (21.7 kW·h/100 mi, 13.5 kW·h/100 km or 490 kJ/km) battery-to-wheel, and has an efficiency of 88% on average.


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Mr. Teff says:

Thank you for the you observations about Jay Leno’s Garage.

Ed Vickery says:

I predict that a certain red Tesla Roadster with more miles on it than any other car (though not on the odometer), will be the most valuable car in human history if it can retrieved from it's current orbit.

Albert Rombold says:

Hey Torque News thanks for your Videos, please could you find out the measurements long and wide from Berlin Mainbuilding, and get the same from Giga Phase 1 shanghai. Thanks because I think is double as Big in Berlin. Maybe I am wrong. But if so I don't think this is just the Model Y

Dean McManis says:

I always loved the Lotus Elise that the Tesla Roadster was based off of, and Tesla transformed the car into a great EV roadster. It was Tesla's first production car, and it really pioneered the idea that EVs can really compete against established performance cars without the great EV compromises of the past due to battery and design limitations. It was also a testament to Tesla's different way of doing business when they later offered to upgrade the battery to more than double the Roadster's EV driving range. The 3.0 battery upgrade cost a whopping $30K, but it really was a custom and time consuming process, and Tesla didn't make any profit off of the project. I don't think that I have ever seen any other automaker offer significant updates to cars that were no longer in production. This light metallic blue is my favorite Roadster color, and I look forward to seeing the show soon.

lithgrapher says:

Rich and funny guy. 😄

Steve LELEW says:

Thanks for sharing, very interesting.

Torque News says:

Do we have any Tesla Roadster owners in our Torque News community?

drew4021 says:

I think those original roadsters will become collector items and should be kept in good condition

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