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Jay Leno Talks About Tesla Model Y’s Interior, Performance and Versatility

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In a recent episode of Jay Leno’s Grage, Leno reviewed the Tesla Model Y and expressed his opinion about Model Y’s heat pump, performance, interior, and versatility.

You know seeing Jay Leno’s review of Tesla Model Y I am glad to see Jay Leno’s support for Tesla. This is the best marketing you can get. I really like hearing Jay Leno talk at length about Tesla being true American innovation. People are not going to dismiss him as easily as a paid shill.

People, also noticed how in his review of the Tesla Model Y Leno compared the switch from steam engines to gasoline, to the switch to renewables. Also, he has 20k miles on his Model S. For a man with such a large selection of vehicles to drive, he chooses the Model S a lot.

I was pretty impressed that he mentioned the heat pump/Octovalve; that’s not something I’d expect but then I had to remember Leno loves all the unique things that come with any car (good or bad).

Overall, I think in this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage he did a really solid review of the Tesla Model Y. That Model Y really does look good in that garage. It will be awesome to see the Cybertruck reviewed by Jay Leno, although one of his recent episodes was dedicated to Cybertruck.

One person who watched the show says, “I would buy one of these tomorrow if I thought it would look half that good on delivery.” Others say, the Model Y is better in person and add that car was clearly handpicked for television. Jay Leno’s Model y had a perfect panel alignment. You could assume all press cars, regardless of manufacturer, are hand-picked.

Other people in discussion boards say they can’t see any reason to buy a Model 3 over the Model Y. This is just better in every way. The answer to that is the price and size will be the key deciders. I’d prefer a Mother Y for my own needs as I am a family man with a wife and three children, but I can see why a Model 3 is plenty of car for the money for other people who are still single or have smaller-size families.

Well, overall, it’s nice to see an American car company that is so forward-looking. I am very glad that Tesla has an articulate, well-known, platformed advocate in mainstream-American, non-controversial car-loving motorhead Jay Leno. His POV about Elon and electric cars is exactly the de-politicized, common-sense, admiring attitude that one would have expected all Americans to have about such a remarkable success story. When I listened to Jay making the case, I end up thinking to myself, “how does it even happen that anyone doesn’t see it that way.” I am sure this review of the Model Y by Jay Leno’s Garage is reaching many open minds, and may even be eroding the resistance of some who reject Tesla for irrational reasons.


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