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Jay Leno Garage Wild Tesla Cybertruck Ride With Elon Musk

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Jay Leno Garage Wild Tesla Cybertruck Ride With Elon Musk, “I’m an enormous fan. We drove the Tesla Cybertruck and he’s received a boring machine which makes tunnels. He says, ‘You want to see a tunnel?’ So he drives the [Cybertruck] into the tunnel, we’ve received a few quarter-inch on both sides and we’re 60 toes underground. We get to the tip of the tunnel and there’s an elevator, so we drive into the elevator and go up 6 or 7 tales and are available up in a man’s yard in El Segundo.”

Moshe, TEI
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Connor Anderson says:

Oh wow i was expecting to see the video of the two of them in the cybertruck, not some guy talking about them doing it.

Joel Grossman says:

FYI: Ordered my Model y in February…told not to expect delivery until late summer or early fall!

He maccabe says:

Shalom Chaver. Love your channel.

Jacob Cherub says:

Looks like it’s the May 27 episode.

Chris Bates says:

I heard the interview of jay on a podcast. He also will drive the semi truck!

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