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Just an INFP-T Person says:

I think lilhuddys in love with this song 😂

beyondxruth xx says:

The looks the boys gave I almost wheezed😳

Caroline Lozano says:

Lil huddy ruins it

Hannah Kirkpatrick says:

That first one with chase got me laughing so hard

berlian try yanie says:


Joanna Dykas says:

chases were the best

Rita says:

Chase tho HAHAHHA

Nora Jones says:

how did I end up here

Katie Styles says:

The ness and josh one R.I.P Jessa

Linsey Mckenzie says:

Chase should make songs for definite (I'm on my mums phone the people in the pic is from mr and my did from younger)

Ariana Beverly's vlog's says:

Let me think….In the first one the boy is the devil and the girl the angel…..OMG ITS NOT

Kenneth and Katrina McCorkle says:

0:55 why is that me though

Not Me At all says:

2:29 I know.. Disappointed huh?

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