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Jaden Hossler – angels and demons (leaked) with lyrics!

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i got these clips from his instagram and his live video where he played the song.

-this is not my song it’s by Jaden Hossler
-the lyrics are not 100% accurate they’re just what i hear
-hope u enjoy listening 🙂
i can’t be the only one who’s excited for this song!xx


mona kishky says:

sorry i meant to write “Falling from Eden” just ignore that pls 😂

Kayla Correia says:

No these lyrics are all wrong

Lillypad zlp says:

I'm sorry but it's so annoying when you can hear the person TYPING 🙄

Lauren says:

here after the finished vers.
I prefer the older one cause it sound more rock

Vir_D _24 says:

Everyone saying this and then he go and gets arrested

Piano Rockstar says:

Who else just loves Jaden's music and wants more?

For anyone interested in learning how to play this on the piano, I just uploaded a tutorial on my channel.

Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga says:

it’s actually I’m falling from eden and fucked up like a rockstar and it’s nothing can help me now

huda warsame says:

Its black, white…

Hannah Hardcastle says:

I saw the premiere last night!! It’s so good!!!

mattie davis says:

its black white not blind way

brielle says:

all these words are wrong

Olivia Rezaee says:

when i just finish the premiere to then find this ahahha

Gabi games Roblox says:


Taiah Campbell says:

sorry these lyrics aren’t correct

Taiah Campbell says:

it’s black white not blind way. sorry

m says:

i love jaden's clothes. and also love his voice.

V says:

This shit is asssss wtf.

Renee Del Rosario says:

it's literally 2:11 in the morning and I'm having a mental breakdown CUZ I WANT JDN TO RELESE ANGELS AND DEMONS JDSHXJSNZ

Joy Srour says:


Sam Martinez says:

I like falling for eden better than falling for me yeah…

Glmv_Only Channel says:

Angels and demons and comatose is the same thing right

Branaysia Westbrooke says:

Don't get mad, Ima x fan. But this song is giving me a lil x vibe.

eden parkinson says:

why did i already know all the lyrics tho . like you get what i mean

Farissa Ryhana says:

the song's really good but in the beginning it sounded like he was singing in cursive LMAO

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