IShowSpeed Reacts To DDG – iCarly Freestyle.. DDG SHOUTED HIM OUT😱

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Good says:

POV:you her after the video

Bar No says:

Flight moment

DripSZN says:

W speed he got ddg to shout him out now speed gon become a rapper

MrJxckie says:

if speed dont fuck wit flight i cant fuck wit speed

The Actual Panda says:

1:10 why you gotta do flight like that lmaoo

Jax 🎈 says:

1:10 he was trolling flight if u didint know

Drxppy._.Rodn3y says:


Drummi says:

Why this nigga speed sounded like flight at 1:10 😂😂

I am Daniel James says:

Jesus love you all

quantum fluctuation says:

Ishowspeed reacts 🔥🔥🔥

Rodney Hammond says:

ICarly is garbage drake and Josh is way better

CTG üñkñøŵñ says:

1:10 lol

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