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Isaac Asimov's Foundation series coming to Apple.TV+

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One of my favorite science fiction stories The Foundation Trilogy is being made into a series. The problem? It’s exclusively for Apple TV upcoming streaming service.

Original Article: https://www.inverse.com/article/54348-foundation-on-apple-tv-plus-release-date-trailer-plot-isaac-asimov

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Multiserviços Reptecno says:

For the material made available by Apple ….
Or "suitable" for the current times, if you prefer.
Asimov's readers should not spoil the literary experience of the work with yet another shallow pyrotechnic show from streaming.

JD Heryos says:

Already loose adaptation.
A WOKE version.
I have read most of Asimov's books.
I was not aware Isaac was a socialist.

Kent Harris says:

I have been reading Isaac Asimov's books since 1969 when I was 8 years old. Mostly the Robot series. I'm glad they're finally coming out with movies based on the novels!

Eli Ridder says:

Well this was right! Nice!

Glenn Heston says:

The writer doesn't have a very good track record.

Luis Baltodano says:

Hart Sheldon???? Oh no 🤦🏻‍♂️

id104335409 says:

Looks like fake. Like a project they THINK about proposing, but are not about start filming it. No real info on it.

Tony Williams says:

I think it’s been at least 40 years since I’ve read the trilogy. Maybe I’ll get an audiobook. The free one is horrid a bunch of weird sound effects. It’s odd

Ad Mark says:

30,000 years, not 10,000 years. Seldon, Sheldon.

Bryan Pope says:

Welcome to the Renaissance of Scripted TV. So many good sci-fi series and I've seen them all. I can't wait for this one, Hyperion and finally, finally a Ringworld series.

CHICtribute.com says:

Imo the original Foundation trilogy is like the Bible for Sci-fi. If you are a sci-fi nerd you need to read it. I read it when I was ten, and it blew my mind. Ever since then I have re-read it several times. I have always wished I could see a live action adaptation (TV or Film) of the books…preferably good enough so that the entire Foundation series Universe books +the Empire novels will be adapted. After almost twenty years of trying (yes Hollywood have tried to adapt the books for the last 20 years) Apple (after several studios have tried) came through. So I can't wait to see it (probably in late 2020). They have announced two of the cast; Hari Seldon will be played by Jared Harris (Chernobyl) and a strangely named emperor (not in the books, which makes me worried) "Brother Day" will be played by Lee Pace (Pushing Daisys). FYI the emperor in the first book is called Cleon I. The director of at least the first episode/s will be Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman). The first season will be 10 episodes. BTW Josh Friedman who was one of the show runners have bowed out, making David S. Goyer the sole show runner. I am worried by the name change of the emperor, and that they might compress the time-span of the books, making it a simple story of a secret organization trying to save the empire, and the entire story taking place within the life time of Seldon. That would imo be a very bad solution and a horrible simplification of Asimov's epic story.

ZeroCool says:

30,000 years of barbarism not 10,000

the impractical transhumanist says:

Well, we have news – Jared Harris and Lee Pace to star in Apple's adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels – https://ew.com/tv/2019/10/22/foundation-jared-harris-lee-pace/

Don't know them; but, o.k. Jared Harris looks like the Harry Seldon that I'd imagined.

Has it been that long since I read Foundation? But, I don't recall an Emperor named "brother day."

the impractical transhumanist says:

They are either super busy with this Foundation project, or super secret! I mean there's not even any casting info.

the impractical transhumanist says:

I've heard it's a ten part T.V. show. That right there tells you this is going to be an interpretation, and not just word for word from the book.

Robert Jones says:

It's Hari Seldon, not Harry Sheldon.

melvin shermen says:

And two ok what next lensman

Barsoon reboot

A other flash Gordon reboot

A buck Roger reboot

Again this and dune remake by Dennis i forgot his last name

Try beat star Wars

Peter F-Model says:

Anyone who knows sci-fi knows Foundation is a classic. Many old time fans do not like the sequels, but everyone feels the first three books are a classic. The books would be very suitable for a TV-show, because it was original written as a multi-part series in an old sci-fi pulp magazine. Its only issue is most of the book involves people talking. It would be cheap to product, but may not interest low-attention span x-gen types so they would need to add a lot of extra special effects. It is very important that they ignore the foundation series sequel when they produce the initial foundation series. This will ensure the full impact of the ending.
As for Apply-TV-plus, just subscribe to it until you watch the series and then cancel the subscription. As for myself, I also would prefer the Blu-ray disks.

Stephen Csoka says:

He's actually done some great writing before, such as the Dark Knight Trilogy and the first two Blade films to name but a few. So don't worry too much dude. Its when he gets involved with the production and directing duties like in Blade Trinity that there's a problem. I'm so pleased again that this series is being developed. I loved reading these 5 books as a teenager. Asimov has such a unique, calm, steady, reasonable, intellectual, senior-adult style all of his own. I just hope they take that into account. TV just keeps on giving at the moment. Are you a fan of the 'Wheel of Time' series of novels Dominic? How about a vid regarding their development into a series? I'm pretty sure thats happening now too.

Stephen Csoka says:

At least Goyer hasn't 'got his dirty little mitts' into the Dune reboot eh Dom? Hahaha

2001lextalionis says:

my favorite all time villan is "The Mule"

Ron Mosely says:

Awwwwww Hellll Phuqin Yes !!!

Mike Finney says:

Also, it is Hari Seldon, not Sheldon. Too much Big Bang lately? 😀

Mike Finney says:

I don't know if I like this or not…. Foundation is a lot more thinking and talking and less action so I am concerned that they will try to add characters and actions that were not in the books

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